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Jimmy Martin Presents The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14 - A Surprising Chaotic Mystery!

Sam drove into the parking lot, onfident that he hadn't been followed and went into the bar. It was a hot day for october, screaming hot, in fact, and Sam relaxed at the feel of the cool air inside. He walked to the bar, tosses out a 'hello' to his favorite bartender Mike, and pulled up a stool. All he wanted was peace and quiet, just a place to relax and enjoy the company of some, more or less, friendly strangers, who happen to be passing through life, at this place, at this time just as he was. He just wanted to be left alone, without anything that might lead to any problem. He wanted peace. 
He ordered a beer. His friend Mike was already bringing one before the words were out of his mouth. He was a regular and enjoyed the perks.
"Rough week, Sam?" Mike asked.
"Rough month, Mike."
They talked of the Halloween party that was coming soon. They bet on who they thought might win the 'Sexiest costume' award, any nonsense they thought of and nothing important at all to keep it light and insignificant.
Sam looked at the door as it opened, and there she was. She had the body of the progeny of a linebacker and a porno queen, with eyes Charlie Manson would love to fear. He tried to look away as fast as he could, but they made eye contact. She immediately made a bee-line for his position at the bar. He tried to make himself small. It didn't work.
"You're the guy I'm looking for!" she said to me.
"No, I'm not that guy," Sam said, hoping it would deflect her away.
"No, You ARE the exact guy I am looking for!" she exclaimed with a big, and horrible smile on her face.
"I was, maybe, but I'm sure as shit not anymore!" he said, hoping she would leave him alone. "I retired!"
"No, you're the guy. As soon as I saw yu I knew I needed YOUR help and none other!" she countered.
In her defense, who knows if she knew who or what he was. He had spent years as a contract this, or a freelance that. He'd been an engineer, written songs, took photos. He was an architect, a bartender, and a writer. Sam had sailed from the Bahamas to Belize, and trekked from Luckenback to, Hell, ALL the Hill Country venues. Most recently he was a bounty hunter, mostly anyways!
He felt he was losing the argument. He bowed up and proclaimed, "So, what if I AM that guy?!
"I'm in trouble," she said, and then she started to cry. Sam reacted like all men do, "What's wrong?" he asked...


The Case of Section 950, 
Seat E-14:
A Sam Cloudstone Novella

By Jimmy Martin

Get ready for a Fun Read!

A full-blooded Comanche, Sam has not really found his place in today's world. But, he's made his way through a number of occupations that have kept him fed. But when he meets Melissa Steinhardt, his life changes just by being around her! (Note that I couldn't find any Comanche actors, so I hope you agree with those I've chosen...I think you'll recognize both!)

It was funny since we never know whether Melissa had just chosen Sam randomly or he just looked like somebody who would help--and she needed it right away. Men were following her and she quickly led him to her car--a Porsche--to immediately move on and away...

For all Sam knew, she could have been a serial killer, since he had no idea where they were going and she was one wild woman! So Sam decided to take control of the situation, demanded who she was and what was going on. That's when he learned that her brother was in trouble, and probably already captured. Now they were after her and the only thing she had as a clue was a can of WWII C rations.

She looked at him with fiery hot eyes that could melt stone.
"They are after my brother, and I think they already have him. All I have is this." She showed him what, for all the world, looked like a can of World War 2 C-rations. There were some letters scratched onto the top. The letters and numbers etched were:
"11 20 78 MNF 950 E 14"
He looked at the series of numbers and thought that something about them was oddly familiar. He decided that he would figure it out later and stay focused on the imminent danger. He knew in his gut it would come to mind anyways and he could determine the relevance then...
"Tell me just exactly what you've gotten me into," Sam demanded of her. He drew in a deep breath and more gently continued, "and why c-rations?"

Sam was able to figure out what the message was and Sam and Melissa were soon on their way... the only thing is that the place to which the message referred to a football game held on November 20, 1978, and the Astrodome was no longer used for football! But that didn't stop Sam from some interesting memories...

At that moment, Sam felt really old and realized she looked like some kind of high school teenager. At least one with a smoking hot body! His mind began drifting off to images of a cheerleader outfit he'd seen looking online for the Halloween party, he quickly chased those thoughts away...

It didn't take long for them to find out the disposition of the seats in the Astrodome...only to complicate the whole case...because not only were they being chased by those who had Melissa's brother, they now had to find a way to get close to the seat now owned by a Oilers super fan who also happened to be a super-rich drug lord! 

In addition to the chase now going on, a twist takes readers into the background of what happened 70 years ago, in May 1945, in a little pub, "De Kleine Donig, in Wiesbaden...
...If we had attacked Scotland, instead of Germany, you would not only have an entire squad of Highlander's around you, you would probably have married one of them by now!" Heinrick replied.
March chuckled. "You're probably right. Well, since I'm hammering on your anyway, why are you always carving little notes on those old used C-Ration cans? Why don't you just use a piece of paper and a pencil like everyone else?"
"Pieces of paper I lose, but I can feel a C-Ration can in my pocket. Anyway, sometimes I do use paper, but I carry them around in my C-Ration can."

Fortunately Sam is normally ahead of what's happening, even to the point of making a call, "Kobayashe Maru, Kobayashi Maru, 2 hours." and simply getting "Understood."

While this may be a shorter book, the surprises keep coming all the way through and even Sam and Melissa quickly get into a sexual relationship with Melissa as the instigator...until Sam decides to take over control there as well...

"No Mike, that's not necessary. "This
time, I AM that guy!"
And when the mystery has been solved and Sam heads back to the Devil's Backbone Tavern,  to spend some time with Mike, his favorite bartender, once again, a "crazy woman bursts" in and comes racing over to say, "You're the guy!"

We've got one lone American Indian up against our government, a drug lord, with criminals coming out from everywhere. Sam is just what he says...he's trying to make it in today's world, without not too many of his people still around... I really enjoyed his character.

Now Melissa was something totally "wild" as the author said...It's a wonder she just didn't take her gun and take on everybody around by herself! She's bound to get your attention. I liked her a lot and, if the ending of this book ends as it seems, then I'm hoping both of these characters come back in a new mystery realllll soon! Enjoy this one!


I was born in the 50's and therefore was a child of the 70's. Born and raised in Houston, I have lived in or around the Houston area all of my life. Like my main character Sam Cloudstone, I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Texas A&M University. Having attended there in the late 70's, I experienced an early adulthood much different than kids do today. We had no technology like what exists today, so we were much more dependent on our own insanity for our entertainment. I made many crazy friends, and I am proud to say that I still keep up with most of them.

I became an avid reader as soon as there wasn't some professor forcing me to read. It has always been a goal of mine to become a writer. My earliest heroes were the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Douglas Adams, and Tom Clancy, but over the years I have read everything I could get from Hemingway to Kinky Friedman. 

I've always liked adventure novels, but I have always been a sucker for a good joke. Many of the characters in my first book, and hopefully subsequent books to come, are inspired by real friends and acquaintances. 

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