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MG Hardie Presents Spooky Suspenseful Spectacular Science Fiction - THEM

Rugged leather boots splashed, then trudged, through the reed torn, murky waters of the Florida swamp. He trudged through the firefly scattered darkness with Commotion closing in behind him. The moonlight that was once carried on the undisturbed surface now revealed undulating troubles. Now, barely panting and at full gallop, Devon Heathrow wondered how things could have gone so wrong so fast. How could a mistakenly delivered device lead to him being strapped down on an operating table in a remote, secret military base in Montana, and now running through a swamp that went God knows where with his clothes ripped and singed. No longer able to feel his heartbeat, he bit down on his lip to see if he still existed. He glided from tree to tree, lightly touching each branch— this kind of thing could go on forever.

The Awakening

By MG Hardie

It's been awhile since I read MG Hardie, and his latest, a science fiction series debut, entitled THEM, was a pleasant surprise for this reader. It's unique, suspenseful and leaves you wondering... 

Devon Heathrow (played by Idris Elba) was a solid financial professional who was doing well with his work and personal life. He was even thinking about applying for a promotion; however, everything stopped for him when he received the package. 

The package had a note that included only Nwhitman...Not him, but he wasn't going to worry about that now...

Inside the box was a note that only read Nwhitman next to stylish glasses. He could tell by the sliders and buttons inside of the frame they were some kind of tech. He could see the translucent graphene that covered the lenses. The graphene was thin, hardly noticeable. The wearable computer optics was small and cyborg blue. Holding it in his hand, he could tell that the device was state of the art. He gently put it back into the box, fired up his car engine, and started on his way to work...

This debut is a perfect set up for a continuing series... At 46 pages he sets the reader up with enough information to establish suspense, put out some intriguing and unique scientific concepts--and then leaves you hanging, ready to go on to the next additional part. More importantly he shares basic, beginning information so that we can begin to understand the main character and sympathize with what is happening! The intrigue starts when he places the glasses on his face... As he tried different things, it started flashing "Not Them." He was having fun, but it was almost taking him over in a strange response. As he spoke to his wife, he saw her there in a lotus position and could even seem to smell her jasmine scent. But as he finished his conversation with his wife, and pushed end...
After finishing the conversation with his wife, he pressed the floating end button and, simultaneously, two large, well-dressed men who were casual observers in the courtyard faded from view in a visual ripple. The peculiar occurrence was only worthy of a double-take. Devon's mind briefly lingered on being followed by the F.B.I., or worse the S.E.C....

Later that evening while driving home, Devon put the device on so that he could call his wife again. He uttered the phrase, "Call Sweetheart," and the rural landscape slowly began to change, the sky darkened. Shrubs began whipping around the road. Devon's eyes lightened as he and his wife spoke.
The tall trees begin to sway and from those trees, two dark tall, well-dressed men descended from funnel clouds into his path. Devon swerved into the adjacent lane, barely missing the two gentlemen swiveling his his, to yell... Two miles down the same road, again two men leaped into his path...approached Devon. At lunchtime, in the courtyard, he didn't notice the faint halo around them; this time, he did. Devon couldn't make out the red symbols that moved along their clothing. The device's facial recognition gave him nothing. Devon quickly said, "End Call," as the call ended the men faded away, in a visual ripple. The running engine kept pace with his heart...He placed the device on the backseat...

That was just the beginning and when he next sat in his car, the device in the back seat rang and Devon grabbed for it and put it on, saying Hello.

"Them are more than you'd imagine..."

If I could, I'd continue to tell you the story! The imagination and creativity
exhibited by the author is exhilarating...and, of course, I was trying to visualize what actually came next, but...that wouldn't be fair, so I'll just give you a hint, LOL! Devon Heathrow is running... away...

All because a package was misdelivered...

Yikes!  Frankly I have no idea where this book is headed, but with what I've read thus far, I highly recommended you start, right now, with this debut story. It will grab you from the beginning, set you thinking and visualizing the potential of what that package contained, and wonder, is this how it will all end? But it's so much fun to explore the technology being proposed that I got caught up with all of it. SciFi fans, you really don't want to miss this one!


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