Saturday, August 1, 2015

Latest Info Via The Talanov Insider - James Houston Turner - Also Review Up on JMPO Blog...

I know, I know -- it has been months since I've written. There's a lot of exciting news to report, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

(1) The Talanov film project --  Dragon Head -- continues to march forward. I have worked two years on this project -- that's right,  two years, mostly on the film, with more rewrites of the screenplay than I can count -- but the final product has attracted the attention of some serious financial partners and production companies. Some people have come and gone from the project. Some have made commitments they have failed to keep. Others have persevered and toiled and climbed impossibly steep mountains to get this project in front of the right decision makers. In other words:  Dragon Head has some  very persistent and talented advocates. A special thanks goes out to the 5x team. Many of you have continued to write and encourage me along this often lonely, discouraging road. I couldn't have made it so far without you. THANK YOU!!! We are getting close!

(2) I am excited and proud to announce a second project now in the works. Inspired by actual events, BIG JOHN tells the inspirational story of John Levi and the 1924 Haskell Indians football team, who began beating every college team they played. Told through the eyes of Lawrence, Kansas, policeman (and my dad), John Houston Turner, Big John is set against the glitz and glamor of Kansas City during the "Roaring Twenties," when jazz was king, gambling was rife, and the nation was in the grips of Prohibition. It is a powerful story of betrayal and triumph, with one of the most thrilling football games  never recorded. So if you're on Facebook, please stop by and like our Big John Facebook page. You can do so by clicking here:

In closing, here is a poster I made for Big John. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop with all the latest developments with Big John and Dragon Head. Thanks again for surrounding me with your friendship.

Blessings from Austin,


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