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The Scorpion is Back! And Peter Darley is Leaving it Up to Readers As To What Happens Next!

Dr. Frederick DeSouza gingerly entered a neon-lit laboratory, nervously passing the monitor screens. He stepped through a door at the far end in anticipation of what would be revealed within the next hour. It was a unique moment in his career as a neuro-biological scientist, a career that, hitherto, had come to an end. He’d amassed his fortune and had settled comfortably into a life of retirement. That was, until the day he received a visit from Andrew Wilmot, the director of an anti-terrorist, Homeland Security division known as SDT, asking him to come out of retirement. 
But what had been expected of him had been an astonishing demand. His specialist skill as a memory revisionist had never been called upon before to undo a revision. The irony struck him as he considered the particulars. Almost four years previously, he’d been asked by his late associate, Senator Garrison Treadwell, to revise the memories and personality of a particularly volatile warrior named Brandon Drake. It had been an operation to make the young soldier more manageable while maintaining his inherent skills, intellect, and extraordinary talents. However, the experiment led to the creation of a persona who had divided the American people. Drake became a hero; a selfless rescuer of the innocent— women and children alike— as he committed himself to thwarting corruption in government, and tyrants wherever he found them. He’d also leveled a media attack against Treadwell. Accompanied by his lover, Belinda Reese, a woman whose life he had saved during a terrorist attack instigated at Treadwell’s behest, Drake became a fugitive. He’d abandoned his post with the Eighty-Second Airborne Division, and chosen the path of a loner. 
Now, the world believed he was dead, blown to smithereens in a cataclysmic explosion. But it wasn’t so. He’d survived by virtue of incredibly sophisticated armor and hardware. Six weeks had passed since the explosion. DeSouza had been instructed to suppress all of Drake’s memories since his last revision, and restore him to his original persona— a malevolent combatant known as The Scorpion. Persistently, he questioned why Wilmot would have wanted him to do such a thing, but he didn’t voice it. Faith in the system, a touch of hubris, and, in a moment of honesty, his payment for services rendered, had silenced him. Nevertheless, a touch of guilt gnawed at him. He had no idea what he was about to awaken, and the thought of the possibilities chilled him.

Hold On! Season 3

By Peter Darley

OMG! When evil powerful people are in control, they can create major... messes! Poor Brandon Drake has gone through hell and is now back there! Would it have been better to leave him as he once was--a psychopath? Perhaps, because he probably would have already been dead...

Instead, one man, a Senator, had taken Brandon and had his brain revisioned. It did change him for the better, even though the Senator's plan for him was quite different! But Brandon had seen what was going on and escaped and had full four years of being a kinder, gentler, and finally loving man...

“You’re going to be fine,” Wilmot assured him.
 “The nature of the operation has changed,
 but you’re still a part of it. You’ll need
 some time to get yourself back to full strength,
and then I have a few projects I’d like
you to work on for me.” “What projects?”
 “All in good time.”
Wilmot picked up the briefcase and made
 his way across to an adjacent desk.
After placing the case upon it, he unlocked
 the combination, and clicked it open.
 “This is just for starters.”
He opened it up to reveal neatly-arranged
 piles of crisp, new $ 100 bills.
“How does fifty thousand sound?”

With the Senator's death, one of his own men eliminated the interim director of the special department within CIA and automatically became director! He wanted the psychopath he could work for him...never realizing that The Scorpion was uncontrollable...

Well, it is confirmed that my favorite of the Trilogy is Go!; however, Run is an entirely different type with an ending that uniquely carried through on the theme originally started in Season 1... Readers will have the opportunity to learn much more about Brandon's early life as well as his time in the military. Even the other soldiers were afraid of him, and his commander had taken an assault from him, without reporting it, because he considered him so valuable to the success of his unit...

The Scorpion felt he was invincible and in turn did just about anything he wanted!
As was his nature, Scorpion didn't want to wait and escaped from the Mohave facility, killing everybody, including the only person, the doctor, who could have helped him...

Wilmot paired him with another formidable man and sent them on their first mission--to kill Jed Crane who had escaped but knew about what had been going on. There was no choice Crane must die... He was living in a favela in Brazil (I saw this style of housing when I traveled to Rio...and immediately noticed the style of house that was built up the hills! Quite a unique circumstance where the poorer sections of the cities abide closely with major hotels and other buildings...)

And that's when the Interceptor returns! Readers will recall that when Brandon had been declared a hero, a comic had been developed, calling the hero Interceptor...looking, maybe, something like this...
closest I can get from the book's description, LOL!

You see, Wilmoth had not listened closely enough to the doctor who had returned Drake to a psychopath. That is, that the person he had become for four years would still be part of Drake's memories! And when he was sent to kill Crane and found, instead a woman with whom Crane lived, he had changed when she begged for her life! Interceptor took over and prevented his killing her!

After having to be dragged out of the hovel where they'd learned Crane was living, Drake wanted to know just exactly what had happened and why he had been struck down, unable to perform... At the same time, Crane was coming home when they were leaving and snapped pictures of Drake, who was believed to be dead!

Soon the two--the Scorpion and the Interceptor were in battle! Best I can think about it would be to have an individual with multiple personalities, in this case two, fighting against each other, rather than taking over and coming out when the other didn't know it. Whew! Just reading the rest of the story is an exciting battle like no other! 

In order to learn how to rid himself of the Interceptor, the Scorpion went home to start learning about what had happened...leaving his father beheaded once he told him all he knew...

Readers watch the trail of bodies as the Scorpion searches... How does he get rid of the Interceptor? Kill the object of The Interceptor's strong emotional feelings! Belinda Reese!

Belinda Reese and Emily, Brandon's sister, are now living with Tyler and his father... Tyler has hooked up with Nikki who we met in the last book... and Tyler is helping to promote her new career as a investing in the music business, about which he knows nothing! His idea?! Add a glockenspiel to her band! Actually, in this vid, they called it a vibra harp and my cousin used to play, calling it a marimba, so I'm not sure exactly which/what Tyler proposed, especially for today's music?! Wish I could hear it! Quite a number of songs are included, as written by Nikki, so this side-plot was a fun addition to this extremely violent final novel in the trilogy.

You might say that the ending of this finale book wrote was inevitable and yet so poignantly done that you, the reader, will be satisfied... Highly recommended!


Hi, everyone. I'm Peter Darley (P.D. to my friends.) I am a British novelist, whose professional history is in showbusiness. I was a graduate of the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama, and studied television drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA.) My television credits include guest-starring roles in UK productions such as BBC’s Crime Limited, Stanley’s Dragon for ITV, The Bill, Sky One’s Dream Team, and numerous TV commercials. I also worked as a model, presenter, and voice-over artiste for ten years, and I've been an agent for several variety acts.

My lifelong admiration of heroes, and love of roller-coaster-style thrills have been a huge influence on my writings. I am also a professional close-up magician, a keen athlete and body builder, and I live with my wife in rural England.

But readers have a chance to turn this trilogy into a series... Meet B.J.

Hold On! _________________________________________ Tomorrow The year is 2042 Brandon Drake, Jr. has it all. He was raised with love. He had a family. A promising future. Everything his father never had. But something inside him tore at his soul. A force that cannot be stopped! A courage that will never die! Brandon Drake’s legacy rises to save an uncertain future.

The potential for our all new series! Cast your vote: 

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