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Multi-author Book, Just as Special, Provides Wonderful Guidance to One-Parent Children...

Authors' Statement

The women of 3Evoke LLC, Marquetta Irons, Vonda Mattox, Loren Williams and Yolande Wooten, want to encourage the personal growth of our youth through learning, achievement and self-expression.

Through inspiring storytelling, their mission is to empower our children with positive images, thoughts and values. 

The women are originally from various parts of the country. The group now lives and creates in Georgia.


Through our stories and images, we aspire to enlighten children to understand that although their current situation may not be the most positive, it does not define them or their future. When children are encouraged with constant, positive figures in their lives they find it important to succeed academically and socially, becoming a positive contributor to their family and community.

Just as Special

By 3Evoke:
Encouraging, Engaging, Expression

I changed the format a little today because I was intrigued with the concept that the authors have created a logo to represent their first and upcoming books. Kudos for their plan of action and merge of talents and interests on behalf of all children...

Having never had a father figure (my father was killed in a mine accident while my mother was carrying me) I am fully aware of what it means not to have a father-figure in your life as a growing child... So I was very in tune with what Mason was thinking as he watched his friend out playing with his father...

As you can see from the real-to-life pictures, the Illustrator, Colette Robbins, has done a wonderful job and shows more than that, in my opinion... Although the book is definitely a children's book, it clearly shows that older children can also benefit...I didn't find an age appropriate but I would consider it all the way into early teens, with some explanation of the story by the parent or grandparent... The book reaches deep into the heart of an important issue--why don't I have a father? 

Sitting next to him, Mason's mom explains. "You do have a dad and he
loves you. Sometimes, for many different reasons, dads aren't around.
Instead, they send great people in their place to watch over you.
The most important thing I saw in reading the story was Mason's mother taking the time to immediately talk about his question, "Why don't I have a dad to play with like Nathaniel does?"

Lunch was ready but that didn't matter. Mason't mom saw that he was upset and needed to have a responsive statement about his concerns.

Now Mason did have a father, but the book doesn't say why he was absent--it could have been because he was in the military, or working out of town...or his parents may have separated.

I was really impressed by the way the mother answered Martin, first pointing out that his dad did love him and that sometimes a separation was necessary, but that they sent other people in their place... Now we know sometimes that isn't completely true, but in reality, there really is a community out there that helps raise each child...

This mother quickly began to talk about Grandpa Russell, noting that he took Mason fishing, to the park, and that Mason was always repeating his Grandpa's stories... And it wasn't very long before Mason began to feel better and smile!

But Mom wasn't done yet--she began to talk about Mason's uncles... And about that time, his older brother, Carter, came out to see why they hadn't come to lunch, and quickly pointed out what part he played! And you know how big brothers are, don't you?!

There were many others that they talked about--even a teacher! Soon, Mason realized that there are many who make him happy and help him with school things and often play with him...
You know, we never know how a character goes on after a book ends, but I found this video that seemed to me like it was presented by Mason, what do you think?

Well, maybe not, but I can see that with all the encouragement and guidance Mason is getting, he is going to be a very successful young man! This book needs to be given to special me...who don't have a dad for whatever reason so they can learn how to recognize that other people, like uncles, brothers, even preachers and teachers can help us in many ways!

Highly recommended! This high-quality book, colorful real-life-like images will capture the attention of all children... Special alert to Moms, siblings, and Grandparents...anybody who cares about children! Isn't there a birthday or holiday coming up for which you need a beautiful, sensitively presented story?!!!


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