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Uber-Hero Brandon Drake Tackles Human Trafficking Criminal Organization! Amazing Trilogy by Peter Darley!

Psst! Belinda may be
She dropped the last item into her case and sealed the clasps. Her heart pounded as she looked around the room she’d lived in for two years, and her stomach turned over with guilt. Her employer at Stark, Rogers, and Blake Insurance, along with all of her colleagues, would never know what had become of her. But as was her way, she hadn’t been close to any of them. She’d discovered, at the time she’d been taken on as the boss’s secretary that she could no longer relate to the banality of normalcy since Brandon. Everyday life seemed boring and uneventful. However, her colleagues were people with feelings and she was walking out on all of them without a word. They deserved better, and what she was doing attacked her conscience. 
But Brandon was her heart, her love, and her life. She picked up her case from the bed and made her way toward the door. After turning the handle, she paused for a moment and looked behind her to see her living room one last time. “I’m coming, Brandon. Hold on!” 
Hold On!— The words he had said to her as he’d rescued her for the first time, gliding her off the roof of a burning skyscraper after it had been taken over by terrorists. Or, at least, whom she’d believed at the time, were terrorists. Those two words had come to mean so much to her. They were a verbal exclamation mark with a very specific meaning: hope in a hopeless situation. After taking a deep breath, she stepped out of her apartment and closed the door behind her. 
Anxiety filled Belinda’s mind. She walked out onto the street, all the time fearing they would be looking for her in an attempt to locate Brandon. If they caught her before she reached him, they would interrogate her, even torture her to learn his location. Simply stepping outside immediately after his escape placed her in serious jeopardy. She wondered if the young man in the business suit who just walked past her was one of them. He’d glanced at her momentarily. It may have been simply because he found her attractive. 
She braved the pathway and made her way toward the Amtrak train station. There were several blocks to go, and the thought of the distance chilled her. So much could happen in the time it would take to get there. Paranoia consumed her in the open, and she persistently looked over her shoulder. 
A police car sped past her, its sirens blaring. She froze.

Hold On! Season 2

By Peter Darley

How I wish that my new uber-Hero was really alive and working to eliminate those in Human Trafficking...If you didn't read yesterday's review, please do so before you leave!

Human Trafficking has got to stop! And in Go! Brandon Drake makes a major effort toward just that! First, let me remind you about an article I wrote some time ago suggesting to authors that, with a trilogy or series, they provide a overview of what happened in the previous book.. This author did just that, so now we are picking up where the last book left off. Brandon is confined to Leavenworth!

Mike Johnson, a deeply distressed twenty-nine-year-old MOS 31E-grade army corrections specialist at Fort Leavenworth, pondered how he should respond to Agent Wilmot’s question. Sitting across him in one of the guardrooms, he didn’t want to seem biased. “Well, sir, I suppose I’d have to say he was a model prisoner. He did what he was told, he was popular with the other detainees, and a particularly good cook.”
 “A good cook?” 
“Yes, sir. That’s how he got assigned to kitchen duty.” 
“It’s also how he managed to break out, isn’t it?” 
“With all due respect, sir, I really don’t think that’s fair. We’ve analyzed his escape, and it’s become apparent he’d been working on this breakout since he arrived.”


He had been planning his escape from the first he was imprisoned and then, when he had received one special visitor, he discovered someone willing to help him escape...along with the wonderful news that the visitor was his brother! We met him briefly at the end of the previous book--a young sophisticated man who had been adopted by a billionaire and who had been searching for his brother, Tyler, and sister, Emily, who had been divided when the courts got involved in looking into their early homelife...

Of course, at that point, Brandon was not aware of his siblings, but as soon as he saw Tyler, who looked like Brandon, he accepted what he was being told! Even more reason to escape, besides getting back to his love, Belinda! 

Brandon succeeded in escaping, but was seen running and was shot... But Brandon wouldn't let anything stop Tyler from finding Belinda and bringing her back to the Cabin...

Which included Tyler "dressing up" as Brandon
and saving Belinda from the Feds! 

Which he succeeded in doing; however, neither of the brothers had realized just how bad Brandon was from the shot and he had not been able to take care of himself while Tyler was gone, even to build up the fireplace... He turned to Gin to help keep him going...

Once Tyler and Belinda made it back to the cabin, they found Brandon huddled in a blanket, nearly frozen... and delirious. They got him to his bed and Belinda immediately wrapped him with lots of covers while Tyler built a fire...

During his recuperation, they made plans to find exactly where Emily was. Emily had been a nun, having live in the Carmelite Convent since she was young... and had since been accepted into the Carmelite Life. After serving for quite some time and becoming a favored nun, she began to question
whether or not she made made a mistake taking her final vows...After much thought, she asked to be permitted to leave...and was refused..

Soooo, she escaped! There is an indication that the Church knew about Brandon's escape and that they had wanted to keep her safe inside the convent. However, from Emily's perspective, she felt that she had lost her faith if she could not be free to act on her own, making decisions for her

They were right...Emily did not understand the ways of today's world...and soon was in the hands of a human trafficker! Can you image Emily being approached by a handsome man offering to help? And that's how she was on her way, depending on a beautiful man, the first she'd seen outside of the convent for years...

At the same time, Belinda was trying to convince Brandon to spend more time resting and healing and holding off going for Emily... But he quickly explained that he needed to bring his family together.

“Us?” she frowned, puzzled. “A lead on what?” 
“Not on what. On whom.” He looked her in the eye with a glow of hope in his own: a radiance that seemed to strengthen him against his debilitation. “We have a family. There is another Drake.” “Another Drake? Who?” 
“Tyler and I have a little sister. He found some information about her from the Hall of Records. Her name is Emily, and she’s in Nevada. Can you believe that?”
“You have a sister?” she said, intrigued. “Yeah. That’s what this is all about. Tyler helped me to get out of Leavenworth. Together, we’re gonna find Emily. We’re gonna put our family back together. Then he’s gonna help us to get out of America, and disappear forever somewhere, where we can just live our lives in peace.”


And Tyler had a plan...that would be very dangerous...he was going try to
buy Emily...using his real name and notorious reputation as the very rich sexy playboy that he was... First Stop was the Citadel..
I think this second book might be my favorite of the trilogy, but since I've already started reading the third, I'll withhold my final decision... Now there is no doubt about it, the best is yet to come as Brandon finds that inner demon to fight against the criminal traffickers and free his sister!

But then, something happened. The pain seemed to trigger off an all-consuming rage within Drake. His eyes rapidly took on a look of unbridled hatred, and became bloodshot. The scar on his forehead deepened, and Jed knew what was happening. He remembered the details of Brandon’s rampage during his trial at Fort Bragg. It made more sense after Brandon told him that his memory had been changed, and that he used to be a psychopath known as The Scorpion. But if there was ever a time Jed would have wished for it to happen— it was now.
“Get your hands off me, motherfucker!” Brandon growled with an animalistic snarl. He drove his elbow back into the man’s solar plexus, and threw him over his shoulder into the monitor screens. Three more attackers were upon him in an instant. One grasped his throat, but he snapped the man’s wrist just as quickly. As his assailant fell to the floor, writhing in pain, his right foot shot up to collide with the jaws of the other two, shattering their teeth with blinding speed.

What's that you're thinking? You've got to read this? Well, I totally agree because it's part of my favorites this year--The entire Trilogy I am sure!


Peter Darley (P.D. to his friends) is a British novelist, whose professional history is in showbusiness. He is a graduate of the Birmingham School of Speech and Dramatic Art, and he studied television drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA.) His television credits include guest-starring roles is UK productions such as BBC's Crime Ltd, Stanley's Dragon for ITV, The Bill, and Sky One's Dream Team, and numerous TV commercials. He has also worked as a model, presenter, and voice-over artiste for ten years, and has acted as an agent for several variety acts.
His lifelong admiration of heroes, and love of roller-coaster-style thrills have been a huge influence on his writings.
He is a keen athlete and body builder, and lives with his girlfriend in rural England.
Peter loves to hear from his readers. You can contact him through his Facebook page:  Or through the contact page on his website:

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