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Hey Everybody! Gnarly's Here and Sharing Today's Review of Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr!

Hi, everybody! It's great to visit Book Readers Heaven again--this time with Open Season for Murder by my friend Lauren Carr... She writes a series called "A Mac Faraday Mystery" that has become favorite books for thousands and thousands of people... Normally, I play a bit part bringing fun to all the other people at Deep Creek Lake (except when I have a little relapse...) but this time, I don't mean to brag,  I play a starring role! It's the tenth book in the series so I've worked my way into being at the right place at the right time.  You see, I've been trained to protect and you might say
that I was just doing my job... 

Actually, I learned a lot more than in this one video, not meaning to brag, but I once served in the Unites States Army... Carr always adds that they refuse to talk about my time there, but I'd be happy to share with anybody who is interested--after all, what's wrong with taking a few things that I'd thought might be  fun to play with... I was just borrowing them, not really stealing, you know...

Open Season for Murder:
A Mac Faraday Mystery

By Lauren Carr

Ok everybody, here's what happened... I was out on a routine run but got a little muddy, so, of course, I ran up to Mac and promptly left muddy paw prints on the front of his shirt...Geesh, I just don't understand why he doesn't like getting dirty like I do... But that's minor compared to what I had really done! I had found it!

David reached the grave first. Gnarly
had dug away enough to expose the leg
\and pelvis. "It's a body all right."
He grabbed his radio to put in the
"What do you have there?" Up close, Mac saw that the object was not made of wood. Even from a distance, its dark color gave it the appearance of a stick. May realized that it was in fact, covered with dirt and discolored after having been buried for years. Wrestling it out of Gnarly's mouth, Mac wiped it off.
"David!" Mac turned around to hold up Gnarly's find to the police chief to see.
David trotted up the doct to get a closer look. Carlisle was directly behind him. "What is it?" he asked Mac.
"I think it's a femur." Before Mac could turn to ask Gnarly, the dog was racing back into the woods. "Follow that dog!"
The three of them chased Gnarly down the path, where halfway to Ashton's home, he darted off the path and up an incline. Over the hill, Gnarly zigzagged through a grove of trees until he came to a small clearing where they found that he had begun digging through rotted leaves and twigs, and a tarp that had been recently torn by a determined German Shepherd...

Well, I had done the important part so I moved away several feet and sat down to watch. I have learned that people get very concerned when a bunch of bones has been found--of course, I had known right away by the smell that it was human, so I still stood erect, watching while the police chief examined the grave--I never know when I might be called upon to do something else, you know!

Personally, I hate rules!
Now the woman that was there with Mac and the police chief immediately started yelling that it was "Ashton--But it has to be Ashton!" She even dropped to her knees and starting digging! Well I knew she would have to stop...those bones were now what they call...evidence... Well, I admit I continue to think of them as just plain bones. Once something major happens, however, I've learned that, suddenly, everything becomes official and there are a bunch of rules that must be followed.

For instance, this body was now part of what you would call a "cold case..." And then that woman said something that I thought was kind of funny--she told Mac to find the killer, even if it was...her! I admit I was confused--wouldn't she remembered if she had killed somebody?!

Ahwoof? You got anything I could crunch on, and some cool water? I could use a break before continuing...

While I'm on this tiny break, I'll give you a great scoop about the book! There's planning for another wedding! No, it's not me, but a certain young lady and I will soon become members, through marriage, of the same wonderful family... of the great family that Mac and I head up--at least that's how I like to think of how I fit into the Faraday family...

Oh, by the way, I got some extra snacks for adding the next plus for Book 
Readers Heaven in about now...but don't tell anybody, will you?! I'm always a sucker for sweet treats...

Now you know how complicated mysteries can become when humans get involved! Mac and the Sheriff obviously immediately began to  investigate all the people that were involved at the time of the original murder decades ago. In the meantime, there's going to be a ball at the Inn! Yes, it had originally been started by my former mother, (and Mac's) so since Mac is now married, his wife has been planning to renew hosting of the Diablo Ball, which is really a disguise for charging rich people large sums of money for a dinner dance...and then have the opportunity to again be begged for more money during the evening! Such fun these humans have! But, even then, some unsavory characters made it more complicated but sending out phony invitations to the Ball and some real troublemakers started rolling into town!

And soon, we'll be setting up for my next big scene! Hope you don't mind I'm using one of my publicity shots with the sheriff's badge I received once for heroism...I get that type of recognition a lot. Anyway, let me tell you about the take down at the Ball!

Keeping hold of Gnarly's leash, Mac jogged to the other end of the corridor, which opened up into the reception and lounge area where a painting of Robin Spencer (my and Mac's Mom) hung above the mantel of a stone fireplace. Beyond Bogie...His hand flew up to point at their suspect. "Zernborg! Stop! Police!
It was only when Gnarly barked and charged, yanking Mac's arm out of its socket, that Mac remembered he still had the hundred pount German shepherd on his leads.
How Gnarly knew they were pursuing the man..., Mac didn't know. He was too busy trying to get back up onto his feet or release Gnarly from his leash in order to stop being dragged down the carpeted hallway...Bogie and Gnarly, barking up a storm, disappeared around the corner at the end of the hallway...Mac heard Gnarly's barking closing in as the German shepherd followed the scene...Mac reached the door and held it open in time for Gnarly to charge through....
There were three ways out of the kitchen--the back door to the loading dock where food supplies arrived, backup the stairwell, which Mac was blocking, and through the banquet room door into the ballroom filled with over two hundred guests...
Mac made his way passed a collection of cooks and servers frozen in fear and gazing pleadingly for him to help them. On the other side of the counter where they prepared the plates of hot foo, Gnarly was barking and snarling while a man yelled above the barking and a woman sobbing---"Call off the dog! Now! Or I'm going to kill her--I swear--I'll blow a hold right through her head!"
...Gnarly had him backed into a corner..."Gnarly! Stand down!" Bogie ordered. Instantly, Gnarly stopped barking and backed up. He didn't sit. Instead, he stood ready to poounce when Bogie or someone gave him the word...

"Grrrr! I still get excited thinking about that guy! He had grabbed hold of one of the servers and was using her as a hostage between me and him...Such a coward! Didn't he realize that I would work even harder to save her than if I was just going to bring him down! But, readers, you got to admit that it was a great scene--one of my best in all of the great books written by Lauren Carr. You know, she has some really amazing stories being published and I'm just proud that she took this tenth book to let me shine a little in the limelight! I must admit that I like playing this fantastic part in the greatest of adventures for the mystery series, according to my host's writer here at Book Readers Heaven. We've been going over every scene in which I appear, you know, since I am being spotlighted today! It's so wonderful to be fully appreciated for all that I do to help add writing canine adventure to the many talents of the series author!

Before Mac could return fire, a snarling bark came
from the woods followed by a series of gunshots and
a scream...
In fact, without giving anything more away, I'm even getting a chance to close with just a few minutes of the last scene where I catch the killer! Yahoo!

Gnarly's barking had stopped.
"Do you see him?" David called to Mac.
Mac shook his head. He couldn't see any movement in the trees and Gnarly was quiet. Experience had told him that when Gnarly was quiet, be afraid. Be very afraid!

Oh, I'm delighted to leave readers hanging! In fact, there are lots of scenes and trails you'll be following in this fantastic cliffhanger on to the ending! You'll never guess who the "main" killer is, 'cause there's so many other bad guys, like that crazy lady that had brought a gun--which I immediately confiscated--to the Inn to kill her cheating husband and her lover... Oops, I'd better shut up before I give away too much!

By the way, I've been told to tell you that this book comes very highly recommended by Book Readers Heaven and add that this was the most fun she's had since the last book Gnarly starred in...adding that I add so much to the flow of the mystery, while playing my part as a protector from all evil! 


Cool, right?! Just need to say thanks for having me before we close..., ah..., cause it's party time right now! Friends come on in for the goodies! Let's Part!

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