Friday, June 12, 2015

Adolfo Caso, Contributing Poet, Shares "Why Dream"...

On Love...

Why Dream?

By Adolph (Adolfo) Caso

Why dream, he said,
that haggard man of wisdom;
live not with your dreams.
Unfulfilled passions are rivers
lost in vapors.
Go, dig:
the things you do
are those which make you.
Don't live
as a part of someone
bigger than you.
Create or destroy:
envy is born with age,
the stage that you will reach
without the breach
of cause and effect.
Why worry?
Life is very bold we are told
by sages reaching their end.
They spend their days in thoughts.
fulfill those urges
that surge within your soul.
if you don't do it now
you will miss the bliss
that attracts the young.

And if you can,
follow the cycles
as winter follows autumn.
The break is never present
to prevent the fulfilllment
you desire.
We shall all taste the ocean
deep with grief and wide with hope.
No one can cope with the ocean,
the god of rivers
which bend
as do our lives.
We meander to hold back time,
that prime offender of our lives...


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