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Reprint and update of Review Not Previously Posted in Book Readers Heaven - First Novel by Thomas T. Kemp

The Clouds are high and moving fast..
The woods across the road stand tall,
but they're as naked and as cold as the night I last saw you
The road from here to where you stay
seems so long and far away.
I have put too much distance between us
since the night I last saw you.
Winter is howling and holding on.
My bird feeder needs replenishing each morning
as I am afraid the birds will not make it through the day.
I want them here this spring if it ever comes.
It has been so long since the night I last saw you.
I am coming with the highest cloud tonight.
I am going to fly up over the roads and leave winter for a while.
It has been too long since the night I last saw you.

How many times do you find a book that excites you, that intrigues and yet leaves you wanting more--Well, I found it!

This book, The Road From Here to Where You Stay by Thomas Kemp, is the best action book I've read in many, many years. Perhaps it was because the author lived along with me; i.e., he'd be around the same age; only the author left the US for Vietnam , while I began to work back in the early '60's. This book demanded ongoing attention, once I started to read...and it is definitely one I will reread many times! Not a usual activity for me.

Do you remember when the announcement was made about the assassination of John Kennedy? I remember I was in my office where I was working at a local university. Thomas Camp, who was already in the marines had already been to Vietnam when our President was shot. Thomas, a native of Ohio, becomes very real to the reader, as he tells the story of his a trained killer for the US Government. Thomas tells the story as if he were sharing it with you personally; and he talks to each of us, as he moves from story to story, reliving each memory so that we, too, become a character.

Thomas Camp, based upon a set of tests administered when he entered the Marines, was designated for special service. He was to use his special talents of almost a photographic memory and an exceptional memory for details, but also to later become a "marker" for the US Government.

Thomas entered the service at the age of 17; and his fellow Marines determined that, as a young virgin, he needs to be introduced to, the ultimately named prostitute, Jewelko. But, young Thomas surprises the older woman with his gentleness and his words, and Jewelko and Thomas fall in love. 

The touch of gratification she offered was electric and instant. She, on the other hand, held herself back. I searched for her favor while grasping for the bend of her body. That let me feel the hesitancy she would only now begin to shed as heat came from the surface of her wet glowing skin. Then came the almost involuntary flow of moisture and the emitting sounds of her confessions of love for me. She had held back the feeling of loving so long. Now I had to do so little, just hold and touch her; and the  happiness and joy of life resulted in laughter that ran from her lips and embraced our souls. The rest of my perception of what could have been was to be placed away, time was running out for us...

Age Difference

There is this disparity between us
    But it is only in my mind that the
Dissimilarity lives

Our age difference . . .
You are a young man
But very manly in the way you treated me
You are wise beyond the years God has given
Your wisdom shines
It does not change my feeling for you

You will always be in my future
And an important ingredient of everyday
There are many sad circumstances for us all
These things we can often dispel with
The credits we build up in our relationships with others.

The qualities in us mirror and reflect
All the goodness And create a home in our souls
Where love stays. 

This love is not offered as payment 
for our goodness to others
But it is given as hope and faith
In the present and the morrow
This love may look back
But it will not go back

Love does not ride the tops of the waves
But rather rests in the depths of its
Own pleasure of giving.
This love you gave to me willingly. 

Love will always outshine the physical part
Of the day the earth moves, and the sun stays still
And shines over everyone
Yet even in darkness, I can sense the love
Which holds the warmth of the Summer of our lives
Love will shape you, and the polishing
Of your spirit will glow past the day's end
And into the next world. 

Yes, I love you still and cry over the words
You pull from my heart when I think
What could have been possible...

Once in awhile, Jewelko reappears in Thomas's memories, through the letters she wrote to him; but major events, including the assassination of John Kennedy and President Diem of Vietnam, bring about a major role for Thomas--one which he has hidden, as mandated by presidential orders, for more than 30 years.

Remember that Lyndon Johnson became president upon the death of John Kennedy. Remember also that many claimed that his murderer was killed immediately there in Texas. But many wondered and questioned and could not believe it. Now you will find out why you questioned. Now, as you meet Thomas, you will see a plausible alternative, that the US Government had those, who really murdered Kennedy, actually trained by Thomas to be able to accomplish this feat. You will visit Texas and review the facts and understand how the assassination was committed. Then you will live through many, many years while Thomas tracks down the six men, on behalf of, and as ordered by...president(s).

Thomas shared much of the pain and anguish of those who felt abandoned there in Vietnam. He shares how his hand moved to kill, because dying would be better than the torture being endured by those he killed. And, he shares how he tracked down those marked to be killed, those he hunted in response to direct orders.

Why? Why does he decide to share this story? For many years, Thomas has lived in Ohio. He married and became a father and the past fades--until a young girl enters his life. She is a young girl who was raped and indoctrinated to a wild life and she weaves a spell around Thomas until he is addicted, addicted to who he later comes to refer to as "his angel of death." Jean Marie's life and love brings back memories of his past life, in such vivid detail, that Thomas begins to relive his role as a personal vigilante, deciding that he must now hunt down and kill the men who raped and sodomized his lover.

This book combines sex, love, death, murder, and war in a combination that normally would be offensive and unbearable, except that the reader continues to visualize Thomas, as that very young officer--the good guy following orders and trying to save mankind. And, in the end, Thomas Camp can be nothing else than a knight in shining armor, still trying to save the world.

Needless to say, I recommend this book to all who have an interest in "life-time" history, fiction based on the history happening at that time...all those who enjoy "on the edge" action...and those who enjoy seeing the "good guy" win. But has he? Only you can judge.

 I must alert you that you may find that some historical facts are not correctly presented. Indeed, the book moves continuously from one time to another and may be hard to follow at times. It is very long and includes poetry that may break the reader's attention. There are several themes running at the same time, mostly via flashbacks. To me, these issues were not disruptive; however, to other readers, they may be. Still, I have to admit that I loved it and recommend it highly...especially if you were young and involved during the war in Vietnam...


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