Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Excerpt From The House on High Bridge Road, Including New Poetry...

“The Road From Here To Where You Stay” has not been easy. It has been filled with years of being lonely and restless. Almost every year Thomas Camp has tried to fill his days with getting results. Tracking the perfect crimes and their masters seems like a noble curse, that some think will be untenable. Thomas knows, “nothing is perfect” and “The House On High Bridge Road” has beckoned for him to come and deliver some long awaited Justice.”

How could I have misplaced my heart again? 
Clearly I remember, 
I sat it down on the waters edge  while watching you sail way.

 The waves began to crash ashore. 
And nearly uprooted the dock I scrutinize from
. I looked and it was gone 
The water and wind indiscriminate 
Oh, the storms you created in my mind.
 Displacing every love I thought I ever felt. 
Then at midnight every part of me was alone again

 My mind vacant, my heart empty, my blood drained.
 Come quickly dawn.”
--Thomas Kemp


Many a man has lost everything to the slave he makes of his passion . Men have seized a right over other men as far back as ancient times and the first of mankind, a false right, yet a right garnished from strength. With this right men steal the women of other men and the children of nations and turn them inward to strengthen a despondent ego. Life has been a power house of goodness and courage for many men and women and life has been a preacher’s voice falling on deft mute’s ears to others. Regardless of the seasons and years , life has this impossible work in partnership and it is to go on, to live to tell the tale, write the story… take a breath, go on take another. Tell the story as clear as feasible… paint the picture.


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