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OMG! The Sun Has Disappeared! Check out Children's Book by Geena Bean! Outstanding Message!

It was a quiet young morning,
Gloomy, with a sky that clearly missed the sun.
My little sister still dreaming.
And our father returning from his run.

"Daddy!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs.
"Mattie is asleep, and I am still scared.
It's been too long since we have seen the sun,
And I grow tired of waiting for her to come...

"Don't worry, Kaylee, she will appear.
I can feel it; I'm sure she will be here.
But for now,  let's allow the moon his time
While we wait for the sun to come back and shine

I quickly ran up the stairs to wake up Mattie.
I knew she would understand my pain.
My sister was just as tired as I
Of all of this newfound darkness and rain

Come Back Dear Sun:
Your Friends, Kaylee, Mattie, Lilly, and Fran

By Geena Bean
Illustrated by Cheri Webber

This may be the best, most impressive children's book I've ever read. I believe it is an important book that should be read by children...and adults alike! The latter even more so! Bean has taken an important topic that I, too, am concerned about and has created, with the help of Cheri Webber, a beautifully told contemporary fairy tale of what could happen in today's world...  As with most fairy tales, the moral of the story is so very, very important!

Here's a related video about the importance of playing outside...

Have you ever considered what it would be like to not have the sun providing us light and all its loving benefits? Well, one day the sun was talking to the moon and told him how unhappy she was. You see, nobody was ever coming out to play and work in the sun anymore. She was lonely and feeling unappreciated! So she had decided to move somewhere else to see if the people would come out to be with her wherever she wound up...

Fortunately she had at least told the moon about her feelings...

Because there was one little girl that was missing the sun so much! Sure she loved the moon just as much as the sun, but she had always loved to be outside during the day, having the sun help her enjoy the day. Many of her friends were always staying inside...playing stupid games or watching television. She not only had more fun outside, but knew from her parents that it was very important for them to run around playing games, keeping their growing bodies active. Kids today were becoming what they even called "couch potatoes."
"Mattie," I whispered. "Are you asleep?
I have a plan that may seem a bit steep.
We need rope, a bow and arrow, and two cups,
So we can talk to the moon; are you up?"

But Kaylie wasn't the type to continue to wait for the sun, even though she believed her Dad when he said the sun would be back. She had an idea, though, that just might work and help bring the beautiful sun back! 

Children will love finding out what happens, especially when the moon gets involved! You see, he admitted that he was getting very tired having to be available 24/7! Wouldn't you?! Now there was another issue covered in the book besides the need to be out in the sun for exercise...

Do you know any children who have become too involved with all electronic gadgets so that they must have the latest phones so that they can text all day, even in school? Do they love electronic games and would spend all day playing the latest if they could? Well, obviously, the Sun would never see these children, would they?  If children spend all their time texting to friends or playing games inside, well, can you blame the sun for leaving?!

Especially this time of year when dark comes much earlier, I begin to feel the loss of the sun... I do miss her beautiful bright warmth and already am wishing for Spring to come again...  Now you all know that I spend a lot of time on the computer in order to write my blog...and I also sit and read a lot... Well, I was trying to read so many books, that I forgot to take care of myself... Now I'm walking, working a little outside doing this and that and making sure my day is once again balanced for my physical and mental health...
Don't let your children lose their joy and energy to play...We all must learn this on our own and this book makes so much sense without being judgmental or critical.  Help children understand that the Sun is their friend and wants to spend time with them... If not, you'll never see her smile and be there for you everyday! Even the Sun loves this gentle reminder, I imagine, and promises to stay as long as there are children everywhere who love to see her each day!

This story is totally poetic verse with full-page colored scenes supporting the story. In a different area, having the main little girl think up how to solve the problem is an excellent way to show how to be creative without saying a word! 

Do check this book out...Help your children live a healthy, well-nourished life. My Mom was a working mother, as many women are these days...I know that my weight came during those formative years...It's a constant battle. But the Sun is so bright, shiny, and helpful in enjoying outdoor sports... This just might be a must-read for some of your children... And an entertaining story as well!


In 2003, I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in English. While attending Rutgers, my favorite lectures concentrated on Creative Writing, Poetry and English Literature. Some of my most memorable moments of inspiration and creativity came not only from my professors, but also from the character and beauty of the campus itself.

Since graduation, I have been busy writing stories and working in the nanny industry. That’s right everyone! I am your very own, modern day Mary Poppins! Well, not quite. I don’t have magical powers, nor can I pull furniture out of my suitcase. But I can make my stories become real through the use of…you got it! My imagination! Over the past 10 years, I have used my experiences with children to create wonderous stories and tales of discovery. When we are not too busy fighting off pirates on old, rusty ships, or escaping from the doom of some deserted island where those wicked pirates have hidden us away from our parents, we are saving the world; one imagination at a time!

Since publishing my first children’s book, I have worked alongside with organizations such as United Way, Leap on Bullying and groups like the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, New Jersey. I’ve visited many schools throughout New Jersey and have done author events at both smaller and larger venues. I love volunteering and working with kids across the tri-state area while helping to sculpt and inspire their goals, creativity, unique talents, and most importantly, kindness and appreciation toward each other and the world around them.

I have been waiting for the right moment to put everything together into published works, and Come Back Dear Sun is the first book made available to each and every child and adult around the world. When I’m not busy writing, I am creating colossal deserts and meals in the kitchen for my wonderful family and friends. They each have an equally weak spot for my cooking as well as my restless thoughts and envisioning. When my niece, Kayle, is on vacation from school, she usually comes to visit me here in the mountains of northern New Jersey. If we are not too busy making up silly stories or baking even sillier deserts, you can find us down by the beach or catching up on our movie classics, popcorn and pajama parties. I also love to do a lot of traveling, reading and anything adventurous such as scuba diving and zip-lining through rain forests and mountains.

As an author, one of the most important things that I have learned is that we should never let go of our dreams. No dream is ever too big, and if you work hard and always stay true to yourself and what makes you stand out among others, then anything is possible. We are all different and unique, and each one of us is capable of achieving anything we put our mind, dedication, heart, and imagination to. You can, and you will become the person that you set out to be. Don’t forget to read and write along the way. Books are bursting with colors; illuminating the endless thoughts, curiosity and craving that the mind seeks!

As you dream big and set out to reach for those stars, always remember to be compassionate and courteous toward one another. We must remember and never forget that it is our duty as human beings to always show acts of kindness toward one another. Work together and share your talents, thoughts and creativity with each other. Not only am I here to give you the best possible stories that I can, but I’m also here as a mentor and guide. Please feel free to ask me any questions, and I will try and give you advice to the best of my ability. I’m always happy to help!

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