Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fan Alert for Talanov - Russian Character in Novels by James Houston Turner...and a request...

Ok, I'm a fan...and I know I don't do this often...but, hey, not everybody has Glenda Bixler in a major role in one of his books! LOL So...'nuf said...

Following is a request from the author for prayers that he's able to get his movie to completion... See what he has to say about his work:

G'day again friends and family,

We're at the business end of the stick with our Talanov Film Project. It has been moving forward in some amazing ways and we're at the point of needing a support team who will pray regularly for us. So I'm asking any of you who truly believe in prayer and feel drawn to what we are doing to join our "5x" team. I coined the term, "5x," because when we fold our hands in prayer, our fingers make five "Xs."

There have been some fascinating studies on the efficacy of prayer. One of these studies dates from 1988, when cardiologist Dr. Randolph Byrd conducted a scientifically rigorous, double-blind study on the effects of intercessory prayer by Protestant and Catholic born-again Christians on behalf of 393 heart patients in a coronary care unit of a San Francisco hospital. After being rejected by nearly every medical journal on earth, the study was finally published in the Southern Medical Journal, where Dr. Byrd's results showed "prayer patients" has less congestive heart failure, fewer cardiac arrests, fewer episodes of pneumonia, were less often intubated and ventilated, and needed less diuretic and antibiotic therapy.

In short: prayer works. And this is not the only scientific study that has demonstrated it. Trouble is, for prayer to be powerful, we need to turn off the phone. Or the TV. Or get up earlier, or stay up later. Prayer is more than a quick recitation of a few memorized words before diving into the mashed potatoes. It is more than a plea for our team to kick the butts of the other team. More than a desperate cry for God to suddenly intervene when all along we've demanded He mind His own business. It is more than wishing someone good luck.

I say all of this because I am seeking people who truly believe in prayer and feel drawn to what we are doing, which is to produce a feature film that contains at its heart a message about the high cost of loyalty, faith, and family. It will be populated with gritty heroism, emotional depth, and plenty of Talanov action. It will also be a stepping stone to helping other writers and those in need. It is a film -- yes -- but it will result in much more than that. I know I am being fairly generic right now and that's because we need to keep some details under wraps to all but our 5x team, who will keep these details confidential while praying for them.

SOOOOO, if you want to support us with your prayers, I would like to hear from you. If you're not interested, there is no need to reply. Simply hit the Delete button. But if you are, please let me know and I will be in touch. The 5x team will get special updates on prayer requests as well as how God is answering them.

As always, should I have you on this newsletter list by mistake, or if you wish to no longer receive them, simply write "unsubscribe" in the subject line, hit Return, and I will remove you from our mailing list. Easy peasy.

In closing, I appreciate all of you. THANK YOU for supporting me with your friendship. You make this journey worthwhile.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend, Write to-- Talanov Insider


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