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BRH Regular Contributor Adolph Caso Shares Presentation on Nine-Eleven...

Nine-Eleven and World War II Veterans

By Adolph Caso

Lest we forget, we are meeting on September 11.

As veterans of World War II, you took part in the most unusual war—unusual because up to World War II, battles were fought to conquer and to subjugate. Ours, on the other hand, was to defeat and to liberate. It was also a war to free and to empower, the otherwise defeated people, with the freedom to act without political or religious constraints.

Having defeated Germany, Japan and Italy, none of which became colonies of America, and not one of the citizens of those countries became a slave of America, or indentured to America. There were no mass killings; there were no persecutions; there was no revenge on either their military or on their civilians.

In fact, America introduced all kinds of programs that guaranteed a renewed prosperity unequaled in the entire history of mankind. Thus, the concept and the execution of World War II were turned upside down—thanks to America’s enlightened leaders, and, to the intelligent prowess of the American soldiers. How did we do it?

Logo used on aid delivered to European countri...
Having assured there would be no retribution toward those nations, America introduced the Marshall Plan. It did two things:
It stabilized each nation’s economy by infusing new capital to rehabilitate their economies.
It kept a large number of American soldiers, who, while securing each nation’s political and social stability--those same soldiers lived off of the local economy, thus ensuring demand for that nation’s products.

Thousands of American soldiers bought Volkswagens’, Mercedes, and Porsches, let alone Grundig, Telefunken, and Leica.

Can you imagine what this built-in demand meant for those old German companies and the new start-ups? Now, in 2014, many of those companies have become competitors to our own companies to the point that they dominate in the world of commerce.

Who can deny the dominance of the Japanese products? Who can deny the dominance of German products? Who can deny the power behind those countries’ Gross National Product? And credit for this success belongs to you—the Veterans that made it possible.

No one can deny the unmatched American achievement on behalf of nations, which needed to be defeated. Otherwise, if Americans had not had the will to defeat them, we as Americans--with all of our traditional political and social constitutional idealism—would have been subdued and turned either into slaves or wantonly executed. The images of the 1940s are appearing just as vivid as they are repugnant in 2014.

Notwithstanding personal party affiliations, after Italy, Germany, and Japan declared war on the United States, our government quickly began to round up American-born Italians, together with Germans and Japanese, and placed them in concentration camps.

That not one of those individuals was deliberately abused, maimed or killed seems to be true. That Americans of Italian, German and Japanese ethnicity were deprived of their due process is also true. What is important to note is that the federal policy was not due to President Roosevelt party affiliation. The policy, right or wrong, was due to a policy aimed at keeping all Americans safe.

In view of 9/11, in view of the Iraq wars, in view of Iran, in view of Isis, in view of the beheadings—a time of great vulnerability is present in America as a whole because our government invited and allowed into our heartland thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants with the tacit promise of permanence with benefits. These individuals are here. And, unlike our soldier who took the wrong turn into Mexico where he remains in jail, or, myself having to stop to show my credentials at the border before I can be let into Canada, none--of those thousands now in our communities--was screened for either documents, diseases, hidden arms, political orientation, country of origin, or terror-related activities.

Was this policy devised and executed by a political party to help that party? Or, was it devised, right or wrong, to benefit our Nation?

After this huge infiltration of all kinds of people wanting to do us harm, all of these unscreened individuals have been given standing and due process at levels higher than you and I could ever enjoy.

God forbid that there might be one minor wrong detail in the investigation of the Boston Marathon terrorist, and all hell breaks loose on due process. But because a Mosque has religious affiliations, scrutiny of membership is hard to come by. For sure, our precautions are exaggerated on the side of a hidden enemy enjoying the protection of our wonderful neighborhoods. Talk about creating an environment for a nation’s suicide potential!

Question: These un-identified people were asked to come into the United States at the urging of our government. Having been invited to enter legally, how can they now be classified as illegal?

Think of this situation: American citizens of German ethnicity went to fight on behalf of the Third Reich. That inglorious service, on behalf of a government with programs to exterminate blocks of human beings, makes my soul shudder. To learn that some Americans are repeating that abomination in the Middle East has to leave us pondering about our future.

In the fifties, I was a Signal Corps officer stationed in Europe, often dealing with psychological warfare policies. Would we broadcast false information to the enemy, or, would we be restrained from doing so due to ethical considerations? Without compunction, we broadcast false information, just as the enemy did! In 2010, America revealed its war plans to its enemy--information such on troop deployment, dates of pending battle action, engagement time, cease fire dates and/or troop withdrawal.  In defeating Iraq, America did not tell anyone its battle plans; in losing Iraq, America told the world its entire battle plan.

Iraq gassed thousands of its people; in the Globe today, Syria is reported to be deploying the same gas—as we sit here. During the Iraq War, Scud missiles were randomly launched into Israel—I still remember the panic on the faces of Israelites running for cover. Yet, only two weeks ago, in the same Globe, I read a repudiation of the war as illegal on the claim that Iraq neither possessed weapons of mass destruction nor the means of delivering such weapons.

            Did not my eyes see those missiles dropping?
            Did not my ears hear those children crying?

Nevertheless, when we think of President Roosevelt in relation to World War II, we are reminded of two accomplishments:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933. LietuviĊ³: Fra...He saved the world from the likes of Hitler. You and I would be speaking German, if that were even made possible by an intruding American Nazi Regime.
Roosevelt established America as a humane world power through the likes of Veterans such as you. Just think of how many people have been saved from starvation alone, let alone from extermination and terrorist attack as we witnessed and commemorate this very day of Nine-Eleven.

Adolph Caso, Publisher, Editor, Author, Poet and Friend Routinely Contributes to Book Readers Heaven.

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