Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Julie Bettendorf Entices BRH Back to France This Month Along With Anthony Ant! Whoopee!

One day Lulu LadyBug was out enjoying the glorious sun, thinking of moving on to the French Reveria, but had stopped to read a little and rest... In fact, she was right under the Eiffel Tower and once in a while would look up to see all the movement surrounding her in this beautiful city... But remember Lulu and Anthony have a different perspective of the city than we do...LOL

Anthony Ant Goes to France
By Julie Bettendorf

At the same time, a visitor had arrived and was thrilled to find himself in France! Let's see why he is a little puzzled right at first.

Hi, my name is Anthony Ant, and I love to go places. When I travel, I can fit into some pretty small spaces. Once I curled up in a suitcase, as snug as could be. When I came out, I was in Beautiful France. Whoopee!

Now if you didn't pick it up right away, you'll find that Antony normally speaks in rhyme! And his words are even created with a beautiful script that enhances the overall impact of the book... And, I loved meeting him! It really didn't take long for him to realize that he loved to visit France and had certainly picked the right suitcase to crawl into this time! He had traveled to Paris!

I traveled to Paris, the capital of France:

The home of fashion, poetry and ballet dance.

Paris is also France's largest city.

At night, it glitters and is bright and pretty.


Let me mention that the art work for this book is simply beautiful and illustrated by Egle Bartolini. The full-color pages are a wonderful contribution to the book and even includes a small corner design on the corner of the pages with written narrative that includes a sampling of all things "French" that adds a touch of continuity and delight so that all pages are bound to attract the attention of children of all ages! ...and adults like me, LOL...                                                               The author's background certainly excitingly supports her books--she travels the world, and has a background in history and archaeology...                                                     Too bad we don't live closer, I've loved to have traveled to that location, below, where she rode on the back of a camel! This, truly adorable storybook is just meant to attract children's attention when the humor is added by having the characters be in cute little any and a lovely and friendly ladybug... Their names are easy to learn and remember and are sure to be special characters, especially for the very young who will be able to find the characters while having the book read...
Lulu was happy to see a visitor to Paris and felt it was her duty to introduce herself and make him feel welcome. He was certain enjoying the view of the city and must have been brave to crawl clear up there to see all the lights of the city?

After my long trip, I wanted some warm bread to eat. 
So I sat down at a cafe, and who should I meet 
But a cute little red thing named Lulu Ladybug;
 So kind and so sweet, I gave her a great big hug. 

They soon began touring with Lulu in the lead and she took him to see many sights that you'll enjoy as you read... I enjoyed especially what Anthony said upon seeing Leonardo da Vinci, Mona The Louvre, of course, when I learned that the picture was over 500 years old!

The Louvre has a painting that is over 500 years old

Called the Mona Lisa; it is very famous, I am told.

Painted by a man named Da Vinci, it took years to complete.

The smile of Mona Lisa is so shy and petite.

Lulu took Anthony to a place I'd not even heard of--but it would be a wonderful natural habitat for them to visit but guess what? The Jardin des Tuileries is one of the most fun places for kids and adults alike! It was so much enjoyment traveling with Anthony and, especially Lulu, who was able to show Anthony around Paris. Because, of course, we learned so very much more and saw such beautiful places and things when we had a friend to know what to go see!

There was a huge garden full of flowers and birds. 
So colorful, it is hard to describe with words.
Roses grew here and there in red, yellow and pink.
Lulu and I stayed there for a while, I think.


I don't know about you, but I think it is wonderful to travel to places and learn all about them. And Anthony Ant and Lulu Ladybug were such nice and great friends to travel with. Your children will love them, even while they learn about customs, traditions, and the cultures of the country. I believe this may be the debut of a series.  The back cover says:

These are the tales of Anthony Ant, a child's travel companion and all-around great adventurer. Anthony travels in style, comfortably lodged in a suitcase, and he never knows what strange, new country he will find himself in.

Keep the bag we can do it again! I'm ready, are you?!

In case you kids are checking this out right now, I invited a few friends to visit and share some vids of their activities and learning...Cool, right? 


Well, Anthony Ant and I certainly enjoyed the trip to France and children will also! Do check this book out and with the quality of the artwork, poetry and overall look, you might want to consider it for your children's library--you do have one, right? Nothing is more important than helping your children learn to read!

Highly Recommended! And...Enjoy!


Julie Bettendorf is a world traveler, with a background in history and a degree in archaeology. Through her books, she shares the wonderful world of travel with children and their parents as Anthony Ant teaches kids about other cultures, customs, and traditions. When Julie is not traveling with her children, she lives in Central Oregon.

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