Friday, September 5, 2014

Let's Visit France Via Carole Roman's Cultural Tour!

\In 1828, Paris was the first city in Europe to use gas
lamps to light the streets, and that's how it got the
nickname "La Ville-Lumiere" the "City of Light."


If You Were Me and Lived in France:
A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World
By Carole P. Roman

Most who think of France will also think immediately of the Eiffel Tower! It must be a beautiful sight to be able to look over the city from the top! Wish we could!

As always, Ms. Roman wants us to meet some of the children who live in France... If you were a boy, your name could be

If you are a girl, your name could be Clara

Jacqueline, or

The other thing many of us hear about and sometimes get to try here in the U.S., are french pastries. These would be bought in a boulangerie where you might pick out some owl's bread along with so many options you'd not be able to decide!
or maybe you'd get to go to lunch for crepes! Crepes are delicate pancakes that can be filled with vegetables, meat,or cheese. Dessert crepes are made with fruit and dusted with sugar.

Some lucky girls get to start a collection of beautiful dolls!
but there are many dolls that she might play with that look like the children there...

Boys, here, also enjoy soccer, but make believe is always a good time... for girls and boys!

Just like July 4th is important to the U.S., July 14th is the celebration of Bastille Day!
Find out what this commemorates in the book as well!

The Catacombs
Palace of Versailles 
And while the children are playing or learning, I picked out a few places I'd like to visit! LOL
The Louvre

Arch de Triumph
Mont Saint Michel

And, of course, the French Riviera!

And I found this song I'd never heard before but loved it by, of course, one of the best-known French singers...

Isn't it wonderful to learn about a country in this way?!


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