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Latest From Ruby Moon-Houldson, Closing Argument, Based on Her Personal Story...

These dreams go on when I close
my eyes. Every second of the
night, I live another life. Every
moment I'm awake, the further
I'm away.
Dayla Maylen listened to the
words of the song playing softly
on the clock radio...To her it seemed
like only yesterday that her life had
changed dramatically...but Brady
had passed away 3 months ago...
Note: Pictures used are of  friends of Ruby as found on Facebook and have no relationship to the characters. Ruby is the only "real" story the writer... and the story is fiction...mostly...

"In loving memory of my loving husband who passed away March, 2014..."
This is one of the few romantic novels written by Ruby Moon-Houldson. She is mostly known for her sci-fi/fantasy or thriller books. I can understand how this novel would be quite cathartic, as well as a comfort for her husband, who worked with her on some of the narrative. 

It is a quite unusual story, for the husband in the book is quite anxious to have identified and placed another man in her life--one who will be there for her, to protect her, and, hopefully, even love her more than he ever could.

It wasn't that they had not loved each other--cared deeply and had a wonderful life together... It was, rather, that they had met at a time when both wanted and needed something and it involved being married.  The doctors had now shared that their was nothing that could be done to extend Brady's life... Other than make his remaining days as good as possible. When he was feeling better, he delighted in helping Dayla with her latest novel, which was to be about her new life once he had died... And when she'd admitted she wasn't interested in Simon, a close friend of both of them, he had started to question her about who she might have an interest in...until she finally told him! Of course, he then went on to check him out and give her his blessing... LOL
What we might feel for each other is irrelevant, just a passing thing.
With time and distance it will fade away like a teenager and puppy love."
"Sometimes you fall in love with someone, but your're not meant to be
together. I think that's the case with my situation,.."
Dayla was not at all pleased to have Brady working to plan out her future life and was embarrassed when he had actually had a full discussion with Simon, a close friend of hers, but a man about whom she had no love interest! As a writer, she had traveled extensively to many places and had no fear of being alone. In fact, she had come to enjoy a freedom that allowed her to participate in things that she enjoyed and to make plans that she would handle on her own. Now as Brady's health deteriorated, he couldn't seem to accept that she could go on...alone...

Closing Argument

By Ruby Moon-Houldson

For older women, there may be some confusion about what is happening with Dayla... But for Chick Lit readers, this could represent a scenario that many might face in the future. That is, is marriage the most important thing in a woman's life...or is her new-found financial independence and decision-making freedom now much more important? Especially in considering possible second marriages.

"There's no one here for me," Dayla
pointed out. "All those who have voiced
an interest are not in the least attractive
in my eyes. None of them can hold a
candle to what Brady was like. He was
so many great things rolled into one
package. He had a wonderful personality.
He was easy going. A jack-of-all trades.
Didn't make demands of me. Let me be
free to do as I wished. He was just great
all around." She sighed as she lowered
her gaze. "Besides, work is elsewhere,
not here."
There were two men who had strong feelings about Dayla. Both had become widowers in the recent past and Dayla  had known them during their losses. Simon was adamant that his love was strong enough that even if she didn't love him now, if married she would grow to love him--could he recognize that she had already done that with Brady and had known they'd had a happy marriage?

On the other hand, Laith was a lawyer in town where they both lived. He had similar interests and they had become more acquainted through their help provided to the local Arts Center. 
She met Layth's brown eyes, "As far as men
go, I see myself using them as they use women.
A man on the scene every so often to take care
of my needs and then out the door they go."
She then straightened up and went about her
work once again...
Simon would stop by often as he traveled for work. And he would often stay with
Dayla at a cabin
"I want to talk about us."
Dayla shrugged away from Layth, "There is no us."
"That's what I feel we need to talk about," he continued
as he tried to keep Dayla from running off. "I feel
it's time we came clean about how we feel in regards to
each other...
she was living in while she got the house ready for sale. The cabin was owned by a couple who were her friends and they knew she loved it there... She had packed up the few things she would want to take with her when she moved--her plans were to move out-of-state. She had known there was no choice but for her to take the painting Laith had given her, with the Enterprise right in the center... And as she packed her memories took her back to his leading an art class in which she had finally learned how to create small branches just by placing her pinky finger on the painting!

The thing was, Dayla greatly loved one of those men who professed loved for her. But she just didn't know how she could go back to not having the freedom that Brady had given her... It would not be easily to have a dominant figure in her home that had a right to participate in making even the smallest household decisions...

Enta hayati, lecken
Will this be a happily ever after ending?
Or just a big surprise to climax it all?!

While the romance activities move in different directions, readers will also see and learn about several major criminal cases which are being handled in town. Dayla was working on her latest book and began to attend the court cases to watch the people involved to help her form her new characters. She also got involved with one of them and soon both Dayla and Laith were in danger as more and more evidence was being found against police officials!

And then there is a little enticement to learn a little Arabic language which the author learned to prepared for her trip to Egypt...alone...LOL It will probably be hard to decide whether or not this is a true story...But, who cares? There's enough about the author that we will recognize her as one of our Fackbook friends and what she's all about... Where fiction starts and truth begins, I guess, will have to be a wait and see... Will our writer remarry sometime in the future? My feeling is that we will have forgotten all about the possibility by the time something happens way in the future...LOL

Check out this wonderful story about a woman who was happily married...and then totally on her own... Highly recommended!


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