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Color of Evil by Armando Rodera Would Make Fantastic Criminal Minds Movie!

A feeling of panic, terror, and a vain attempt to hide it under a facade of indifference...The young woman went to great pains to hide her feelings, seeing her host smile at her, showing his perfect teeth. The steely glint of those cruel eyes jumped out at her again. She could see a strange color in them--the color of evil, perhaps. She had to fight for her life, just keeping up the charade would do her no good. Since he seemed to have the initiative, she would at least try to mess up his plans. She tried to think quickly and realized that screaming wouldn't be much use. It was completely dark outside in that remote village, with no neighbors nearby. No one would hear her cries for help. She had to find another solution, now that her handbag was no longer an option. He had snatched it from her in a playful way, like they were buddies. He had left it on a sideboard with the excuse that there was no need for her to carry it while he showed her the home.  He took her to his bedroom, telling her he was going to dig out his record collection. He knew it was an obvious trick, anothersomething lie am,ong the many he had told her. Blood images from movies and novels crowded his mind. The girl made the mistake of turning her back for a split second, and he took his opportunity. He attacked with lethal, almost feline speed. She felt no pain; all she wanted was to sleep, to forget everything. As she lost consciousness, she saw her attacker cheerfully wielding a syringe. He had injected her with something, but nothing mattered anymore. All went black, and the girl's strength left her. She was falling into a dark hole, deeper and deeper...She never woke up...

Color of Evil
By Armando Rodera

Deutsch: Logo der US-amerikanischen Fernsehser...
Criminal Minds Season 7 Promo
OMG! Call in the special unit for Criminal Minds! If they were ever going to make a full-length movie for that group to solve, this would be the case to use!

The two main officers in the novel were great characters; however, the psychopath that was working against "the world" on his mission was more than they could handle! So there were many different units involved in the case throughout Spain since the killer would travel and create his "vision" in many different places, some of which were based upon items he had read of something new happening, including a new specimen to be added to a pet shop... and a new exhibit of a ceiling mural at a local university.

Joe Mantegna, Filming of the TV show Criminal ...
It was in these two divisions
that Inspector Bermejo worked
without being official assigned
to either of them. Captain
Mardones knew how effective

Bermejo was...As a result, the
most dangerous cases dealt with
by the police...fell to
Madrid, National Headquarters of the Judicial Police
Tired and fed up, he walked into his office, slammed the door behind him, and slumped into his easy chair. He took off his jacket and threw it unceremoniously against the desk. Inspector Bermejo was having a bad day and the headache that was beginning to pound at his temples did not bode well...He's had a hell of a time lately, though he shouldn't complain too much--at least he was alive and well...His partner had not been so fortunate.

"For starters, I don't know much. A
couple disappeared in the mountains
and the Civil Guard, going against
their usual policy, have begun their
investigation...The young lovers' car
was found at the top of a hill with its
doors open and no signs of violence."
Madrid, Newspaper Editorial Office
Miriam Monfort rushed through the door with her heart in her throat. But her boss would have no grounds to give her a hard time because, despite the collision she'd just had, she wasn't late... [But that wasn't what he'd had in mind--now she was interviewing with Jaine Pinilla and got the job...]

Parador de Plasencia
His superior's departure left Bermejo
feeling a little uneasy. He didn't particularly like the Civil Guard officer,
but it was his job to follow orders..
"Sergeant Roncero will accompany you.
He's one of my best officers. He's a very hard-working young man, college-educated, computer-savvy, and bilingual....As if by magic, the door opened and the kid appeared. He was about six feet three inches...with the intelligent eyes hidden behind know-it-all glasses.

Coincidentally, I thought that three of the actors in Criminal Minds were very close in personality of the three main characters. Monfort and Roncero had known each other before this case...In fact, Roncero had been in love with her, but had been too shy to press it... This relationship makes for very erotic yet horrible scenes that will be hard to read but that which is part of a climactic ending like no other! There are other erotic scenes throughout the killer's activities...

I loved the music and buildings, even if the English trailer translation hasn't been made yet! don't you?!
He lay down in a doorway, away from prying eyes believing that someone pursued him. But there was nobody, The presence was there stuck to him like a shadow. He couldn't see it, but he could clearly hear words that he would not forget.
"Get up, you miserable lowlife," cried the invisible Being. "You will not accomplish anything with tears. Teach that bastard a lesson and show me that you can be a loyal servant.
"Who are you?" he whimpered, terrified. "What do you want from me?"
"I am your Master now, and you must obey me. From this moment on, you will never allow anyone to walk all over you again. I want to see your courage once more, like when you slaughtered your mother's murderers. If you serve me faithfully, I will take you into my bosom.
"Then that's what I will do, Lord. I will obey you always," still distressed but mustering his strength."

The Sky of Salamanca

Now the key thing about my review is that I'm purposely not going too much into what was happening on the part of this very real psychopath. Be aware that there are many "results" of violent activities as the victim(s) are discovered. I have found that I don't watch Criminal Minds as I did when it first started. I love the whole cast, but the violence seemed to get more extreme than it had been. So if you too do not enjoy this program because of the violence, you should know this book is probably worse than any you have seen on that program...Mainly because the man was on a mission, and was moving fast and quickly to accomplish all th, at he wanted to do for his...Master...

Bermejo and Roncero quickly made a great team, especially when Roncero began to understand and do research more to know why victims were selected and why they were left as they were... Just think, I could have been selected to start off the whole thing: So, yes, astrology was part, but not all of the puzzle...After all, why would it begin with Pisces...and move backwards... Aquarius, Capricorn.. Why?!

Roncero was beginning to put it all together, but not soon enough...they were now down to Cancer!

The background for the puzzle was totally new for me, so I was thoroughly involved in trying to follow Roncero's thinking...but, there was no way that I even began to understand...and before I knew it...the last three individuals were being pulled together for the fantastic climatic ending that you will just not believe... In fact, many of the "scenes" left by the murderer may confuse you even more! Aside from the horrific violence, this was an amazing story with an amazing villain! I did enjoy the three main characters, even though I was surprised at what took place at the ending. Whew!

I loved this -- Exciting, Inventive,  Creatively designed to engage, but confuse through page after page... I was overwhelmed by the audacity of the villain, even knowing he was a serial killer, you had to realize that he was brilliant in his planning... Until, he started getting...too involved, shall we say?

Even with the violence, Lovers of suspense thrillers should check this one out!  

Highly recommended!


I was born in Madrid, Spain, on a hot summer's day in 1972. From an early age I always had a love of reading, beginning with children's collections like the Famous Five and The Happy Hollisters, before delving fearlessly into the adventures of Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas and Emilio Salgari.
I graduated in IT and Telecoms Engineering in my home town and for nearly a decade I worked in the technology sector, until five years ago I decided to turn my career on its head, seeking a profession that would enable me to improve my quality of life and above all make time for my great passion: literature.
I have now published several novels in Spanish, my mother tongue: "El color de la maldad" (Color of Evil, the best-selling crime thriller in Spanish on in 2012 and 2013); "La rebeldía del alma" (The rebellion of the Soul), a daring and original story of suspense, drama and romance with a dash of Noir (this book was global number one on and is now the top romantic suspense novel in Spanish on; "Juego de identidades" (Game of Identities), a fast-paced action-packed adventure thriller across two continents, which has been very well received by critics and readers. And finally, the novel "Caos absoluto" (Absolute Chaos), a dystopian crime thriller with an important social undertone. It is a book with which I aim to entertain, while also making readers reflect on our society and the corruption in politics and the economy.
My book "El enigma de los vencidos" (The Enigma of the Defeated), an adventure and mystery novel with a historical setting, was published digitally and in print by Ediciones B, one of Spain's most prestigious publishers, and is also available in the USA through and Barnes & Noble.

I have also published my first non-fiction work, in digital format only. The book is entitled "La llave del éxito. Consigue destacar en Amazon: Marketing para escritores" (The Key to Success. Stand out on Amazon: Marketing for writers), a book that can appeal to all readers, as well as independent writers.
In spring 2014, thanks to the international success of my crime thriller in Spanish, "El color de la maldad", Thomas & Mercer will publish the English version of this book, to be entitled "Color of Evil".
I am also a reader, content manager and freelance consultant on various projects, with a particular focus on Internet marketing and new technologies applied to publishing and culture. I am also a contributor to Getafe Negro, Madrid's crime fiction festival.

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