Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beware Purchasing Flipped Houses--They Might Already Be Occupied! Check out Michael Cash's Latest Horror...

This had to be the worst flip they'd ever attempted.
He gave the creaky stairs a gimlet-eyed glance
and for a nanosecond hated Julie. Really hated
her and her cockamamie ideas. Where did that
idea of hate come from? He loved his wife,
didn't he?

The Flip

If you are considering going into Real Estate
to make a decent income, one of the ways you
might choose is to buy older houses in need of
work, either doing it yourself or having a con-
tractor bring it up to a basic standard at which 
it can be sold, can get you started, but in order
to build up a business, you need to immediately
take another house, and start over!

"I hate this place," Brad grumbled, as he shoved another piece of crap into the superthick black garbage bad. The basement smelled like shit, and here he was, alone on his birthday and shoveling hundred-year-old junk from a dank cellar..."

There was the sound of metal scraping against metal on the other side of the room. Brad walked closer, gingerly putting his ear against the cool wall. Tapping the surface with his knuckle, he heard the emptiness of the other side. It was a secret room, a walled-up scape, he thought with astonishment. He laughed uneasily when the old Edgar Allan Poe story popped into his mind--what was it? "The Tell-Tale Heart." He wondered if he'd find a chained skeleton bolted to the wall. His fingers caressed the surface looking for an opening. Another thump. Something fell on the hidden side. He banged on the wall, feeling foolish. There was a rumble of sound. Brad shrugged with impatience. Using his shovel as an ax, he hit the wall, breaking plaster, raining dust all over him. With all his might, he hit it again, pulverizing the anchient slat work under the wall to break into a vacant space. Stale air hit him in the face, and he created   enough of an opening to slide into the pitch-black area through the rent in the wall. Placing his hands on either side of it, he lowered himself through the opening. The floor of the other side was a good five feet deeper than the basement


By Michael Phillip Cash

He didn't see her green eyes light up, but he
heard her squeal of delight at the price.
Three weeks and a construction loan later
they were the proud owners of Bedlam House
built in 1859 and owned by one of the 

prominent families of Cold Spring Harbor. It was named
for the street near which it was built...
Bedlam Street was the main artery of the
tiny Harbor town, which was now a
picturesque village filled with quaint shops.
The house was built by Frank Hemmings
and inherited by his daughter after he
It had never left the Hemmings family
until the last descendant died.
It was on sale for $15,000...

Brad's skin prickled, and he felt the caress of a light breeze travel up his spine.
Tessa drew close to the human. The Sentinel had pulled him to safety. She hated their interference.
Just when she had control of a situation, they would step in to block her from doing as she pleased...
She was afraid of them and found herself backed into a corner when she felt their presence...
She glanced around, making sure she was alone. Smiling, she let her hands linger near Brad's face and felt him shudder as she led them down the back of his body...

 Julie and Brad Evans were newlyweds. She had already been in real estate and so when they were a couple and she brought up the idea of flipping houses, he was willing to try since he could do quite a bit of the work himself. They were on their way and Julie's boss was able to let her know about potential houses that could be flipped rather than sold as is... But when she saw Bedlam House, she fell for it, secretly wanting it to flip and hopefully to own! Brad was opposed to both, when she finally suggested it... But it was only when he got into how bad the house was that he really began to hate the project. And the atmosphere was able to affect anybody who was in the house for a short period...

Gerald and Tessa, and one other, were still living in Tessa's home. She had been a woman that liked the carnal activities she enjoyed as often as she could and really didn't want to leave--even if she died.

Gerald had been in love with her forever...and her father before he died, had asked him to watch out for Tessa and hopefully get her to accept him as husband... Gerald had been trying ever since, even though she was still chasing after any man who happened to come into the house.

The other one is from a concurrent storyline that was also fascinating...only hint is that one used to reside in the hidden room that Brad had found! And which resulted in stopping the whole project when his skeleton was found...

Then the real fun began for Tessa...and Gerald as well! I didn't have a clue that the book was going to end as it did! Let's just say that the bedroom got some action... LOL

I guess ghost stories are considered horror, but I found myself feeling more sorry for the ghosts--It's more drama than scary stuff in my opinion... Only one issue about the book itself is that it was totally double-spaced...made for getting those pages turning too quickly. After I got into the story, though, I got used to it. I enjoyed the book... The concept buying a house to flip, only to find it's already housing ghosts would sure put a damper on your plans...but, actually, the ending was perfect and more satisfying that if it had turned out to be an evil house! It's a fun, quick read and I'm thinking you'll enjoy it too...unless you're a scaredy cat



Author of:Brood X, Stillwell: A Haunting On Long Island, The Hanging Tree, Schism: The Battle for Darracia, Collision and The Flip!
Born and raised on Long Island, Michael has always had a fascination with horror writing and found footage films. He wanted to incorporate both with his debut novel, Brood X. Earning a degree in English and an MBA, he has worked various jobs before settling into being a full-time author. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and children.

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