Friday, July 18, 2014

Get Kids Moving...and Identify For them It's Yoga! TGIF! Have A good Weekend!

I Want To Do Yoga Too!

Everybody knows it's important to establish a desire for physical movement in children. One of the ways to do it is to recognize that we all naturally do many moves as we grow...

If mothers recognize and start awareness right away, why not immediately start teaching them about Yoga...

And the best way to do it is to have your children move along with Mommy! 

 I don't remember how old I was when I learn a set of
stretch exercises to create a
daily set from top to bottom...

I recently realized that I had been neglecting them and I was growing stiff...yes, I had been doing them most of my life, just by establishing the routine when I got up... 

Mommy said, "You stay with  Robin,
while I go do yoga."
Hallie pouted and said, "I want to do
yoga too, Mommy."

Author Carole P. Roman realized when she was taking a class herself, that her daughter was interested in what she was doing...  So she checked in the day care area and got the leader to see if she thought it would help if the young girl did yoga too!

And just by doing a little movement such as you would in play, everybody soon realized that yoga was indeed happening already!

This cute short book gives mothers the opportunity to 
have the book present the possibility of trying yoga, either in a class, at home, or even in daycare or school.

It's all about allowing the child to see that it is both fun and a chance to look like a big kid...right?!

Highly recommended to help instill a desire for yoga or other movement activities in children and help them continue through their lives!


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