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Latest Recommendation For Your Children's Home Library - Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Meteorite Mission by Oneeka Williams M.D.!

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo lives in Battery Grove with her parents and grandparents, Mommy and Daddy Dynamo knew from an early
age that Dr. Dee Dee had special abilities. Her hands glowed when she was born! And when Dr. Dee Dee was only three months old, Mommy Dynamo found her at the top of their mango tree, repairing a baby bird's wing...

"What is it, Gordon?" Dr. Dee Dee asks.
"Astrid Asteroid is wailing because a part of her has broken off and she doesn't know where it went," says Gordon. "Then I heard a loud BOOM that came from Earth's Northern Hemisphere."
"I am so confused," says Luka. "Asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites, comets! How can you possibly tell the difference?"


Our Mission

To Educate, Empower, Enrich and create a framework for children to believe that “Not Even the Sky is the Limit!”


  1. To share the excitement and love that I have for being a doctor and a surgeon with young readers.
  2. To create an action figure that brings strong, positive and powerful images for girls of all colors.
  3. To introduce in Children’s Literature, a counter narrative to some of the stereotypical images in the media.
  4. To stimulate interest in the sciences for all kids, but especially girls, by presenting learning facts in a fun way.
  5. To promote the importance of literacy.

Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's
  Meteorite Mission
By Oneeka Williams M.D.
Illustrated by Valerie Bouthyette

Let's get the team ready,"
Dr. Dee Dee says
urgently. "We must help"

Check out the cover of a children's book and you can pretty well tell if it's one to acquire for your permanent children's library! This one definitely is! Other than the picture of Dr. Dee Dee, I found the most compelling were the inclusion of various medical instruments and each had a name! How wonderful an idea that can be effectively used to help children understand about going to see a doctor and what instruments he or she might use... especially "Sydnee Syringe"! Nobody likes getting shots, no matter how old we are! And having that stethoscope being placed on our chest for the first time, just might be what leads some children to play doctor and even dream of becoming one!

Freeda the Flying Ambulance is ready and
waiting. "Are all the instruments ready?"
Dr. Dee Dee asks Marky Medicine Bag.
"They are clean, sharp, and ready for
action, Dr. Dee Dee!" says Marky with
"Team, fasten your seatbelts. Freeda, set
GPS for the meteorite collision site in
Earth's Northern Hemisphere," directs
Dr. Dee Dee.
So after I'd been introduced to "Marky Medicine Bag", "Ana Anesthetic" and even "Simon Scissors", I was interested enough to start looking around on the Internet... I just had to include Dr. Williams' Mission statement. When writers decide to write for children, there is a concurrent responsibility in my opinion. Having the above goals helped me see that this author is prepared to meet that! Finding an online presence and giving children a chance to meet her characters also speaks to an authors credibility. I read the second book in what will be a series. The first being a Mission to Pluto. 
Gordon the Gullible Globe   
chimes in. "I heard Pluto
telling his moon, Charon,
that he was very happy when   
Dr. Dee Dee operated on him.
He said all he felt was a little

Now the choice to take children into outer space was something I would not have expected. However, it certainly provided the author the opportunity to move into many different scientific areas, teaching, for instance, about meteorites in this second book...

"Approaching Chelyabinsk, Russia," announced Freeda, "Meteorite 2013."

"Great!" applauds Marky. "We can tell Astrid Asteroid that 
we have found her lost piece."
"Holymackarolee! Why is there so much broken glass?" 
questions Lukas.
"The meteorite created a SONIC BOOM when it entered 
the Earth's atmosphere, which shattered the glass on the 
buildings," replies Dr. Dee Dee...


In addition to personifying her instruments, Dr. Dee Dee 
also helps the animals as well as the people and then proceeds 
to help the meteorite!

"I'm Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, 
Super Surgeon ON THE GO!
My hands were made to heal.
I cut, I sew, I tie with zeal;
No problem is too big or small 
Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo can tackle them all!

There's magic, there's space travel, medical miracles to perform and most of all, you can see the caring and concern that is sooooo plentiful that it is used for not only people patients but for just 
about anything that needs to be "fixed up"! In fact, I love the way the book ends!

The narrative includes not only the storyline but once in a while presents a poem or two. Each of the 42 pages is beautifully done, and measures about 8 x 10. Even the inside hard covers have been filled! A Glossary and a set of Discovery Questions adds to the extensive attempt to provide both an enjoyable time as well as a tool to help with reading comprehension.

Get the idea I was impressed! Parents, Teachers, Librarians, Don't miss this one...and if you haven't started your permanent child's library at home, Start With This One!


About the Author

Dr Oneeka Williams developed her desire to become a doctor at an early age. When she first entered the operating room while attending Harvard Medical School, it was love at first sight. Dr Dee Dee Dynamo encourages kids to live a life without limits. This is Dr Williams’ first children's book. She is a practicing surgeon and lives just outside Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband, Charles and son, Mark.

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