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R. C. Richter's Second Novel in Trilogy, Crossing the Rubicon: Semper Fi, Now Out!

 August 20, 1754
The sun broke over the mountain volcano of Caldera de Taburiente, which towered a thousand metres (three thousand feet) high in the centre of La Palma Island. The morning air was cool; the wildlife of the island began its morning call.
Next to the sea, with a commanding view of the world around it, was the Kennedy estate, home, its white three-story seaside walls with tiered balconies towering high over the coastline. Just off from the centre of the home was a fourth story, a tower that gave the residents a 360 view of the countryside around. The home was capped with red roof files. The morning sun began to bathe the house in a brilliant golden-yellow light. The sea below rolled in gentle as the waves washed onto the black sands that made up the coastline of the island.

Today, like every day on La Palma, the weather would be perfect. Not too hot and not too cool, a perfect twenty-six degrees Celsius.
Offshore in the distance was a small twin-masted sailing ship at anchor. It gently rolled in the waves as the sea birds flew high in the sky, circling it. In the master bedroom of this great villa, which overlooked the sea below from the open windows, Trinity and Jacob slowly awoke. The white netting that hung over their bed softly moved in the morning breeze
Jacob rolled over and softly brushed the hair from Trinity's face. It revealed an older Trinity. She was now thirty-four years old. Her long brown hair ran down the length of her body. She was still as beautiful as she was at twenty-one.

Trinity had lain there for almost an hour when there was a sound she had not heard in fifteen years. A ping sound? At first she didn't pay any attention, and then a minute later, there it was again. This time she looked up and then down at the iPhone case. She dropped her sunglasses and looked over them. Then again, a third ping. She sat up in the chair, picked up the iPhone case, and looked at it. On the main lock screen was a phone number of 000-000-0000 and a message: Hello Trinity.
"What the hell?" she said.
She unlocked the iPhone screen and looked up in the top corner of the display. It showed that the phone now had a Wi-Fi connection.
Another message came across: Trinity, are you there?
Trinity looked around at the hills behind her. She then called out, "Jacob, quit screwing with me," She stood and looked around. "Jacob, what the hell? How are you doing this?"
Again the texted message came in: Trinity, are you there?"
Trinity looked at the phone and then started to type: Who are you?
Trinity waited. Then: Trinity look at the sea. Do you see the ship at anchor?
Trinity looked out at the sea and saw a double-masted sailing ship at anchor just to her right, below where her home was. She stood and walked to the edge of the cliff, looking at the ship.
Then from the ship there was a flash of light from a mirror.
The next message read: Do you see my light?
Trinity looked down and read the message and then responded. Yes, who is this?
The reply was: Can I come ashore and meet you?

Crossing the Rubicon:
Semper Fi     Always Faithful
By R. C. Richter

I don't know why, but I never expected the author to go where no one has gone--to the future! ...LOL I mean, the first book took us historically back into the 1700s--was it just fifteen years ago that a group of teenage friends left their homes, without a word, leaving their family back in 2014, worrying and wondering where they were... 

The historical adventures we shared in that first book were as exciting for readers as it was for those teenagers who turned out to be the world's first time travelers!

Now someone who knew what a cell phone was, had contacted Trinity on her own cell, the only one that had survived from the past and which contained everything pertaining to their journey! She had been playing some of her music, something she needed to do occasionally to keep the past somewhat alive for her. Suddenly a Wi-Fi connection was made and her phone pinged to announce a message!

...It had a small fusion fuel cell which brought it back online about two days later. Once back online, it recorded the magnetic fields in the cave for the next two hundred and seventy-five years. For the scientists watching it, it was like it never left, but in fact, it had traveled back in time and sat there waiting for two hundred and seventy-five years. On it, it recorded both sides of the gate--the present and the past. What was key were the magnetic fields on both sides."
"At the time, this information was of little use to the science team of the day. But, fast-forward three hundred and twenty-two years, and with this information and the recorded solar activity over the last three hundred fifty years, it all started to make sense. What we learned was how you affect the gate, or field, on one end determines where you get off on the other end.
"In 2337, we were able to use all this information and fold space when the conditions were right. Now what you have to understand is the conditions, or gates, only happen once or twice a year. In some years, they do not happen at all. It's subject to what part of the world, or gate, you are in."
"There are more than the Chungo Cave?" Trinity asked.
"Oh yes," Markus picked up his black bag and pulled out a black object, ten by seventeen inches and one inch thick. The object was void of any reflections. It was as black as a black hole, no light reflecting off of it. Markus opened the object up, and the four students learned that it was some form of laptop computer from the year 2337. A holographic keypad came to life on the lower half of the computer. Markus typed in a password, and the screen came alive...
"It is a data terminal made from graphene, and the light from the sun charges it from any side. In theory, it will run forever..."

Markus, a Gatekeeper, from 2337, told them much about what had been learned since they first made their journey. In his time, travel was now routine. But he also confirmed something that, perhaps, nobody should be sure of--that the timeline happening was predestined, noting that "we all have our part to play." 

But then, during the night he was staying there, Markus died... And left all of his equipment used to travel...

And one other thing--each of the four remaining friends learned when they would die... Trinity would be the first...

Suddenly, they needed to bring their children into their secret lives. What better way to do it than to take them on their first trip in time... But this trip was not was not even on the timeline.  And some of the Gatekeepers were very, very unhappy as information started showing up! Applications for replacement of passports, new purchases...all of it recorded and zoomed into the computer that housed everything that had ever been placed on a computer!

But Trinity had even bigger plans! Were their deaths preordained? Perhaps they should discover that for themselves!

From historical times to the future, R. C. Richter is taking his readers into fantastical places that are sure to get even more exciting in the final novel, The Art of War expected later this year. Richter swiftly moves from the past into the present while bringing the future back to the past...and presents readers with an intoxicating ride you won't want to miss!

So what do you think happens when time travelers start bypassing their destinies?! Cool Stuff! Highly recommended!

Jacob walked up behind her as he once did in 1740. "Will you play?"
Trinity sat there and then slowly started to play. The music was not of 1740 or 1880. It was a song she knew from her childhood. It was filled with sadness, but you could feel the hope shining through at the end. The song was "Born to Die."
Keara stopped and returned back to the room. She started to cry. Tom walked up to her and held her.
That night they all sat out on the balcony and talked about the old days--how far they had come, how theirs was most likely the greatest journey of all time.
In time they returned to their rooms for the night. Jacob lay beside his wife, Trinity, and held her tight.
"Thank you for being part of my journey," he said.


R C Richter was born in 1964 to German parents and resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada, just 45 minutes from the Rocky Mountains where his book Crossing The Rubicon begins.
After graduating from school, RC Richter's first job was as a structural gas plant pipe designer, which only lasted one year before he moved on and pursued his dream of working in the film industry. In 1989 with three of his classmates he started Midnight HWY Film Company. Over the next 11 years, they produced well over 100 national and international TV commercials, music videos and films.
During his time with Midnight, RC won a number of awards for commercial, music video and documentary projects. He also began writing a number of screen plays.
On January 1, 2000, RC Richter called it quits once again and now followed his other interest in military off road equipment. This evolved into Environmental Rescue Equipment, where he built special off road firefighting equipment for wildland fires. This further evolved into ERE Logistics which designed and built military emergency bridge systems, based on the company's fleet of all wheel drive trucks.
Over the years RC Richter has traveled extensively, through Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and South America. Visiting most of the places in Crossing the Rubicon.
In February 2012, on his way to work at the aircraft hangar/shop facility in Southern Alberta, the story of Crossing the Rubicon once again came into play. The first ideas for the book were originally envisioned back in 1992 as a screenplay after exploring the Chungo Caves.
20 years later, on that trip to the hangar, he made the decision to return to those original notes and write the book.
RC Richter has always believed you have to follow your dreams and never give up. Crossing the Rubicon, shares this important vision from start to end.

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