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The Crossing... The Split...Andy's Story! Get Caught Up for Crossing the Rubicon Semper Fi - Review Tomorrow!

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Andy's Story

By R. C. Richter

January 1, 1741
I said my good-byes. I would not see my friends again. It was hard,
but I no longer shared the same vision. I was tired; two years of traveling,
struggling to live each day, can do that. I just wanted to rest.

Andy's wife was dead. The others were ready to move on. Any just couldn't. His soul mate was gone and he had no reason to live. But he was still living. Something in his life had to change, even if it meant leaving the only friends he had...

He boarded the San Ignacio when everybody was off celebrating the New Year. He was in no shape to celebrate, perhaps ever again... especially when he entered his cabin and saw the bloody sheets from his wounds. And then, waking to find that Kim had been killed. He lay wondering how best to take his own life... Instead, he went back to the spot where she died--the blood still there after so many months. Without thinking he threw the oil lantern across the deck, setting the ship on fire. Only Kim's memory would go with him as he quickly left, ran to his horse, and rode away.

He rode until he reached Villa Nueva de Santa Clara in central Cuba. He had just decided to move on when a group of workers passed... And he was offered a job!

As I rode through the tall wood gates of the town and into the open country, I passed a number of wagons loaded with tobacco leaf. I stopped and watched them slowly pass by. I counted over twenty of them. As the
last one passed me, a well-groomed Spanish man in his early twenties on a white horse stopped. He spoke to me in Spanish, asking if I was lost.
I told him in broken Spanish, “You first need to know where you are going to be lost.”
He laughed. He looked at me. I did not fit the look of any local orAgain he laughed. He went on to say he was looking for help and asked if I was willing to work.
I sat there atop my horse, thinking. I had nowhere to go, nowhere to be. Nothing to call home.
I told him I was interested in learning more about how tobacco is grown, and was willing to try to work for him.
“Bueno,” he said.
I then said to him, “If I am to work for you, I think I should know your name.”
He agreed. He told me his name was Luis Estévez; his father was Don Estévez, one of the founding families in this area. I told him my name was Andy Taylor.
He responded in Spanish, “Like the man who makes clothes.”
“Sí,” I said.
I followed Luis Estévez and his wagon train of tobacco back into the town, and then later that afternoon, we rode out to his estate some ten miles or so southeast.

It was April 9th, 1742 when Andy watched a string of slaves going past. He hated the thought of people owning others... He saw a young girl at the end, maybe 14. Don Estevez told him that he would not replace his wife. Andy grew angry and told him that she would never replace Kim, embarrassing his friend and boss... But it was soon after that Don Estevez, calling him brother, gave him a piece of land to farm for himself.

He soon was building a home on his new property. He and Grace worked together and they found a few helpers for what he could pay since he refused to buy slaves. But he found himself becoming depressed again and made his final addition to their new home
“Kim Wong Taylor, Chinese Princess, beloved wife of Andy Taylor.
She will always be missed.”
Grace immediately planted flowers at the grave and watered them every day, knowing it was Andy's way to remember his love for his beautiful wife...

This short story provides readers closure, knowing that Andy made a life after his loss... Especially since his name comes up in the next novel, Crossing the Rubicon: Semper Fi. Not as exciting a life as before, but a heart-warming tale... 

Check with the author to read this secret chapter...Find him on Facebook, or just about anywhere!

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