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Brilliant Story From Future - Reader by Ambra [Through Erec Stebbins...] Ambra Dawn Visits!

 "Amazingly, standing in the doorway were two human beings. They were dressed in robes not too different from our own—thicker, more worn, with strange markings across the back. They were likely in their twenties, although they looked  older. As I was to learn, life for humans in space under alien care was shorter than on Earth, full of many more health  problems and complications. Most of us did not live beyond forty years, and by the time we hit our thirties, we looked  sixty. A moment of hope and relief swept through the group  of children. It was quickly dashed as the men spoke.
 “No words,” one barked. “You will do as you are told and prepare to serve the Sortax. 
 "This is a training vessel, and you will be instructed in guiding the navships to the Orb portals. Nothing else matters to your existence. If you cannot perform, you will be discarded. You are to report to us or other Human Shepherds. Under no circumstances are you to attempt any contact with non-human residents of any ship. Follow us to your quarters.” They turned, and marched from the door, leaving us stunned and empty. One by one, we stood up, stretched our sore bodies bounced by the trip through Earth’s atmosphere, and walked through the door to our new life.
"In the beginning, we were subjected to simulations. Always, it was the same. From a disembodied point of view, I would see myself approaching a sphere of light of great complexity. 
"To call a real Orb a sphere is a distortion, as the word suffers from the biased view of humans and aliens who cannot see it as I do—the substructure, layers upon layers not unlike an onion, but casting out in independent dimensions beyond the three we perceive with our eyes. My mind’s other sense could see in these directions, and the Orbs were more like infinite webs whose projection in three-space was a humble sphere. The simulations captured only a faint aspect of this— only when we approached a true Orb did its beauty become apparent to me. 
"Our training sims were not focused on the Orbs, however, but on the tendrils, the glowing Strings that spread from them. The Strings extending from a true Orb traveled in many dimensions, but the sims captured only those that were in the visual three dimensions, and it was along these lines that we were to direct the point of view, the ship in reality, when the time came to navigate in earnest. We would spend hours guiding little simulated spaceships onto the tendrils, one after another after another. What I would find out later is that the galactic hegemony of the Dram was established through using the tendrils to travel through space-time. The Strings could be used as tunnels, shortcuts between any two Orbs, cutting the travel time between stars and planetary systems from eons into days. I did not understand how this happened or why these Orbs had been placed where they had. For the present, all that mattered was mastering the ability to help the ships navigate. 

By Ambra Dawn

My time may be short; I have not attempted to communicate with this new, female human before, but she is very receptive to my story. I watched as I she cried, seeing what the doctors first did to me while I was still on earth. My mother was the only human female I intimately knew, but now, having this woman cry for me, I feel a new strength and I pray that other females with such empathy will know my sorrow, read my story, and will be moved to act... There is really no way to describe the pain of what they did. My only reality, now, allows me to look back with gratitude to the doctor who risked his life--and allowed my brain to grow... Now it is our only hope...Your only hope...

I'm using every means possible to reach out to humans on earth. This female listens with her heart so that I can write more from my heart. Erec Stebbins listened with his brilliant scientific, but, thankfully, compassionate mind... But this is the last communique for now... My Story, Writer, will be my last attempt... Please look for it soon...

Still, I am so alone now and seeing them murder my parents will never leave me. One day I will find those responsible and when I do... Even knowing my parents would not want me seeking revenge I cannot and will not forget! My parents were so wonderful--they both had special gifts. It must be that I was blessed with their gifts combined...but that didn't help when they discovered the tumor on my brain. They lied to my parents and told them it would be removed--explaining that was why I had to go with them. Since then I've found that children all over the world have been taken...I'm not alone but that doesn't help much since nobody is still alive who cares for us... Thus my attempt to reach into the past, to help prepare you for what is coming. Earth will be destroyed if you don't read my words!
That tumor? They never removed it... Instead, what they did was to open the back of my head and encase the tumor, allowing it to grow as big as it would. They just kept changing the size of my head! At least a lot of my hair grew back and most of it covers what I really look like, but you can say it--I don't mind--I look weird! I look like I am no longer a human. But I was born on earth and loved our planet so much... 

That's why I've been so desperate to reach those who can help--those from the past...you, who can, if you wish, read my story and learn what is going to happen! Please! You who read books, please read mine. 

I, too, am a Reader... but, it is quite a different type of activity for me... My reading takes people from one place to another--from a planet to another planet... My brain is special--even among other readers so that I am able to also read the future and the past... Most of the readers have some psychic abilities that are used to navigate ships out in space. We learned how to drive, using our minds. But, the thing is, we are treated as slaves--not as somebody who can provide a valuable service! In fact, all humans everywhere are now enslaved...

The universe is so much bigger than anything we ever knew about there on earth. Orbs are located near certain highly populated planets and these are used to relocate much more quickly than anything developed on earth. In fact, you will, I am sure, have never heard of an orb, so I wanted you to have a look at how beautiful they are, even if they seem mysterious and so very strange...

We all walked quietly in our thin robes, cold and afraid.
Several kids could be heard sobbing, and one or
 two broke down and refused to enter. The response from the
Sortax was rapid and harsh. They would extend a dark
 rod towards the child who would then scream in pain and collapse.
 The Sortax would command the child to move forward in line,
 and, after that pain, each did. Inside, it became clear how
 alien we actually were. The ship was designed, of course,
for its crew, these sea-dwelling Sortax with their many arms
 and liquid-filled suits. The ship inside was designed with
 liquid filling nearly all the chambers, and I marvel now at
 the compensation the Sortax must have used to offset all
 that extra weight. There were “airlocks” of a kind for the natives
 (Them), that we bypassed without engaging. A short tunnel
 led to our holding pen, which, once all the children had entered,
 was sealed off from the rest of the ship. Sealed off from the
 rest of the ship. That essentially describes all the interactions
 of humans with any of the diverse alien species in the galaxy,
 as compatible environments rarely existed. S
ome needed liquid medium like the Sortax, others required
 some kind of gaseous environment. Often these gases were
 toxic or otherwise incompatible with our survival.
One ironic exception turned out to be the Dram, the
 Romans themselves. who ruled over all the other species
and who required a very similar oxygen and nitrogen
 content to that on Earth, even if their Earth-like planet was
 on the other side of the Milky Way. The other were the
 Xix, who needed only a small modification to an Earth-like
 atmosphere, which they achieved through a device worn
 around their necks in our presence, if you could
 describe the Xix as having necks.
Before I go any further, though, I must tell you about the Sortax! In fact, in my time, they have captured earth and any human still living are slaves to this species! The Sortax are water dwellers and I can only think of our earth's octopus to help describe them, but they must have a longer trunk and their arms range further on the trunk so that when they are in their water-filled suits they can use those we can see as arms...

Of course, none of we humans have ever seen them without their water suits, so we are only guessing what they truly look like! We do know they are intelligent and dangerous to the whole world!

Fortunately, there is at least one species who has tried to be neutral--they offer to help inhabitants of all planets and have much healing knowledge and skill.   The Xixians saved my life--which was amazing in itself since I was so close to death that the monster that I was--I was now even more grotesque

"I was a dying and wasted thing, starving, skeletal, my gums bleeding, sores all over my body. I no longer cared to live and could barely process the reality around me. The demon-ship that held us in torment had docked, and the usual sounds of unloading and loading could be heard..." 

I will not attempt to describe this group or others since you will have the opportunity in Reader to meet them...

I can only say that they were the only ones who actually saw--and knew--what I could do and they worked to ensure that I was able to use those skills to the best advantage. Even they, however, could not grasp what I was able to do with the Orbs. But they saw, and believed...

Now we are beginning to fight back, but will it be too late??? 

I know, I know. this story is outrageous to contemplate. There have always been stories about our world, Earth, being destroyed. But nobody ever had the opportunity to tell how it happened. If I had not been stolen and made to be the monster that I am--a monster, though, who has unbelievable skills, this story would not have been possible. I have become the Daughter of Time and I had read my past. Yes, of course, I have talked with my parents, but that was before Earth had been enslaved. I have come from the future to seek your prayers, your positive thoughts... Read me! As I have read your future! You Must...Read...

"Don't let us die...dare to believe..."

Amber Dawn
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