Monday, December 2, 2013

An Email From Ambra... Star of Erec Stebbins' Reader!

From the future, a final plea. Out of the past, a last hope.
--by Ambra Dawn

This blog post may be the most important you will ever read.

That may seem sensationalist, but that’s because you don't understand the nature of reality and are ignorant of the critical juncture Earth will find itself in the not-too-distant future. You also could never have anticipated how important you could be as a reader to the struggle of humanity to escape a terrible calamity.

Below the title of the first person, "science fiction" novel called Reader, is an author’s name: Erec Stebbins. He is a traditionally published novelist with a thriller under his belt (The Ragnarök Conspiracy, published by Seventh Street Books). For the last 12 years he has been working as a scientist running a basic research lab in molecular biophysics in New York City.

He believes this story is full of his ideas, born of his own mind. It’s not. I am writing it through him. In his reality, it’s all part of a clever plot he’s stitched together, even down to this very blog post, written "as if" from the future, that says he isn’t the author. The truth is, it is the effort of my mind reaching out, back through what you call Time, and inspiring his mind, shaping his thoughts, convincing him of this reality.

Sounds crazy? It is. I know it is. And I'm the one doing it.

I don’t enjoy doing this, playing puppet master with this citizen of your time. But our need is hopelessly desperate. More than you can imagine has been lost. And we are left with nothing but ashes in the cold of space.

I’ve done worse. This is dangerous, both for his mind, and my own. Already, I have failed many times to send my message, and my efforts wrecked the receiving minds, driving them to madness. At other times, what has come out of the author has been a story so distorted, so warped by his own imaginings, that the message is lost, and can’t achieve its purpose. Your libraries hold some of these disasters. I can only hope that this, my last effort, will not fail.

There is so much to explain, so much that you need to understand before you can accept the message, and take the step we so desperately need you to take. So many things - strange things, horrible things. Things that can’t possibly be true, but are.

As much as the future can reach back into the past, the past can reach forward into the future. And in our time of need, we need you of our recent past. You have a part to play in righting a terrible wrong, saving billions of lives, and reversing the horrific fate that has descended upon humanity. Somehow in this email, and in the pages of the novel I have written through him, I must convince you and many more of this. May I be forgiven if I can’t.

My murdered parents called me Ambra Dawn, and I am a Reader. Hear my story. Champion it. This is our terrible plea to you of the still living Earth.

The fate of humanity depends upon your actions.

Yours in terrible need,


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