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J. D. Robb's Still Pleasing This Series Fan... A Lighter Look...

Who better to play J. D. Robb as she hits The Red Carpet in Calculated in Death. This is for another book, and this certainly isn't Robb's husband, Roark... I can only do soooo much, you know! LOL

"Don't worry." Leonardo put his big arm around Mavis. "I'll take care of her."
"Oh, honey bear."
"No kissy-face, we're about to pull up. You mingle, and until this goes down I don't want you too close to me."
"We're all good. You stay that way," Mavis warned, and gave Eve a quick hug. "And you can follow my lead," she told Peabody. "Well, Dallas's for the op, but mine for the show. Remember?"
"Smile, but keep it easy and natural. Shoulders back, don't slouch. It's okay to wave. If I pose, oh God, shift my weight to my back foot. And looking-over-the-shoulder shots are usually flattering."
Trick Question for Fans
Would Roark Pick This Dress for Eve?

"Nailed it in one." Mavis patter Peabody's arm. "Here we go. Catch this bastard quick, okay, so we can have some fun...
Leonardo stepped out first, offered Mavis his hand. And when she slid out, the sea of sound crested. Despite the circumstan-
ces, despite the tension, it gave Eve a boost to hear the crowds should out Mavis's name.
"She's kind of a sensation," Eve observed. Then shifted modes. "Exiting vehicle now, Peabody to follow."
At her nod, Roarke got out, offered Eve his hand. Another crest of sound, and a stunning galaxy of lights greeted her. Faces and flashes and the bright red river of carpet...

Calculated in Death
By J. D. Robb

Surely anybody who routinely reads top fiction authors have at least tasted J. D. Robb. Norah Roberts has faithfully kept this series going for many years and this book is the 36th for the "In Death" series. I've read them all, so thought it was time to at least acquaint the few that are not already reading this fabulous series. LOL This is the truth--I have not found even one of this series that did not hold my interest through the entire book! Amazing, given that the main characters remain the same, and some of the actions of Eve Dallas are by now predictable... Yet, it happens, the "bad guy" is created and the whole group is off again! Yahoo!

Now you may have been able to predict that, by the title, Roark is going to play a role... He now owns most of the world and other worlds, and he knows the big money players! So Eve doesn't think twice about getting him involved, now with her boss' blessings...

As the elevator began its smooth climb, Peabody
let out a sigh of pleasure. That was fun."
"I hate getting dicked around by electronics."
"Well actually you're getting dicked around
by the programmer."
"You're right." Eve's eyes narrowed. "You're
fucking-A right. Make a note to do a search and
scan. I want to find out who programmed that
officious bastard.
"That could be even more fun." Peabody's
cheerful smile faded when the elevator stopped.
"This won't be..."
"Listen to me, you half-assed, chip-brained dipshit, this is official business. Scan the badges and clear access. Otherwise I'll have warrants issued immediately for the arrest of the building manager, the head of security, and the owners on the charge of obstruction of justice. And you'll be in a junk pile by dawn."
"Inappropriate language is in violation of...
"Inappropriate language?" Oh, I've got plenty more inappropriate language for you. Peabody, contact APA Cher Reo and begin processing warrants for all appropriate parties. Let's see how they like getting dragged out of bed at this hour, cuffed, and transported to Central because this computerized tin god refuses access to police officers."
"All over that, Lieutenant."
"Please submit your badges for scan, and place your palm on the palm plate for verification.
Eve held up her badge with one hand, slapped her other on the palm plate. "Clear the locks. Now."
Identification is verified. Access granted.
Eve shoved through the door, strode across the black marble lobby floor to the glossy white elevator doors flanked by two man-sized urns exploding with red spiky flowers.
Please wait here until Mr. and/or Mrs. Dickenson is notified of your arrival.
"Can it, compu-jerk." She walked straight into the elevator, Peabody scurrying after her. "Penthouse B," she ordered. "Give me any shit, I swear to God I'll stun your motherboard.

Ok Ok, I've gone a little overboard with the excerpts about talking back to computers... But I do so love to do that, do you? When you are calling a prescription in, do you push the next button before she has a chance to say her sentence? If so, you are just like me and enjoy winning over those "officious programmers..." Actually, I'm trying to get over a sore throat, cough, etc., and really don't plan to post this review to many places, especially Amazon... I read a couple of those--geesh, sometimes I would like to tell some of them to "get a life"... Why would you read a whole book that you're going to rate as lousy...

Oh well, I do digress...By now, however, you do know that Eve and Peabody are heading to view a body--a homicide and soon starts her routine, calling out who she would need... 
As she spoke, she pulled pulled open the car door, got behind the wheet. "I requested Harpo--self-proclaimed queen of hair and fiber--to process the fibers on the vic's pants. I'll follow up on that...She pulled out, made the turn for downtown. "I want Uniform Carmichael to pick a team for a canvass. He'll meet Officer Turney at the scene at oh-seven-thirty, so get on that. Contact Sergeant Gonzales at the one-three-six, tell him I requested Turney for the duty."
"You want the first on scene?"
"I want Turney. She's god good instincts. There's a little Peabody in there."
"Yea?" Peabody puffed up, then immediately pouted. "Is she--"
"Don't even think about asking if she's got a smaller ass, prettier face, tougher chops, or whatever you're thinking. Just get it done."

My choice for Roarke -
Who would be your choice?
"Follow the money."
"It's always an interesting route. Beat it."
"Beating it."
Eve drove away, glanced at the time, then used her in-dash 'link to contact Roarke. Maybe it was dawn, but she knew damn well he'd been up at least a solid hour, and had probably already bought a minor solar system.
And there he was, filling her dash screen, those staggering blue eyes alert in a face created on a day God had felt particularly generous. As that many of silky black hair was tied back, she recognized work mode.
I figured I should let you know I won't be back."
"I assumed as much." His native Ireland cruised through the words, like
music. Eat something."
"I think I'll wait until after this trip to the morgue. Their Vending seriously blows.
"It's bad. I can see it."
"Murder's never good, but this one wasn't particularly messy. But...mother of two, with a husband I broke into pieces at notification. Well-heeled Upper East Side family, both of them with careers in finance, living in a penthouse condo. But without the flash, you know? Homey, pictures of the kids everywhere. And she was Judge Yung's sister-in-law..."
"Ah...corporate accounting primarily, or serving those who have as much money as a corporation."
"Not yours?"
"No, but I'd take a good look at them if I decided to make a change in the area. They have a steady, straightforward reputation. Victim or husband....
I don't know them, but I can see what I can find out."
"Shouldn't be hard. Their offices are in your headquarters bui8lding..."
"That does make it simple..."

A man in unrelieved black with white-blond hair and nearly as many earrings as McNab stepped out of wide blue doors.

"Please come in. "Candidate will be with you shortly. We're serving catnip tea today."
"We'll pass on that...
"I'd be happy to prepare another choice." He gestured them into a huge space that looked like a small palace under a snow storm. Every inch was white--sofas, tables, rugs, lamps, pillows. The only spot of color came from the white-framed portrait--their hostess recliining naked on a white bed. Her endless tumble of blond hair and deeply red lips humped out of the canvas.
Even the curtains on the wall of windows were filmy white so the city beyond seemed to float on clouds.
But not, in Even's mind, in a good way...
Something moved in the snowbank. She realized a huge white cat, its eyes blinking vivid green, stretched on some sort of divan. It watched them while its tail flicked lazily.
Slim and strong, he thought.
Shadows of fatigue doggoing her eyes,
but energy revving in her body. His
Eve, his gift at the end of a long,
hard day.
When he flipped her he heard the
laugh in her throat, heard it go
to a purr as he replaced his hands
with his mouth...
She liked cats. She had her own. But this one, like the room, like the filmed windows, gave her the creeps...
It's sort of giving me a headache. It hurts my eyes, and I have to keep blinking to see where things actually are. Oh Jesus, that's not a pussycat."
"Huh?" Eve glanced back. No, not just a cat. A cat. Maybe a lion--small scale, but...or a tiger, or--
"A white panther cub...

These are a few of why J. D. Robb is one of my favorite things...

Hey, there's over 1000 reviews out there on Amazon.
If you want to know about the book, please take a look...


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