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GMO Killerz by Rick Carufel Surprised Me With Story Twist With Great Crazy Character...

"Myron did not intend to murder his wife when he sat down to dinner.   Lucille had made one of his favorite dishes, spaghetti and meatballs with her wonderful, made-from-scratch pasta sauce.   The thought never crossed his mind.   He loved his wife and had been happily married for twenty-nine years. They had two great kids, who were away at college, and were planning their dream vacation to Maui. The problem was the TV.   "There was one particular telemarketer for some sort of cookware who was, Myron thought, from Australia.   He had a very annoying accent, and his way of pronouncing his E's as I's was particularly grating on Myron's nerves.   This commercial ran constantly and it was not unusual for the same advertisement to play over and over during a single show.   It was when this intrusive telemarketer, with his annoying accent, said 'iggs' instead of 'eggs' that it finally got to Myron in some inexplicable way and caused the problem. 
"Myron and Lucille were eating in front of the TV, as was their custom, and the commercial came on.   Myron tried to brace himself for the sound of the dreaded 'iggs' but all he could do was tremble.   Over the past few days this commercial had, for some unknown reason, caused Myron to react violently to the sound of that particular word and each time the word had been spoken, Myron felt his control slipping away.     
"'Iggs' was spoken four times during the course of the commercial and with each utterance the pressure within Myron began to build.   He felt that if he heard 'iggs' one more time, his brain would explode. Upon the first voicing, Myron began to shake violently.   On the second, he began to have some sort of seizure.   By the third, Myron was bleeding from the nose and ears, his head rolling back and forth on the headrest of his Lazy-boy while he moaned softly, "No.... no..." 
"With the fourth and final verbalization, Myron was quiet, seeming to have regained his composure, much to the relief of Lucille who had been sitting in her Lazy-boy, agog at Myron's display, a forkful of meatball halfway to her mouth.   
"Honey! Are you all right?" asked Lucille. 
"I'm fine, dear," replied Myron as he rose from his chair and moved towards his wife.   In one fluid motion, he grasped his wife's mid-way-to-the-mouth hand with the forkful of meatball and rammed it into her forehead, deep enough to pierce the skull.   He then picked up her steak knife...

GMO Killerz
By Rick Carufel

H. G. Well was one of the forerunners in placing genetics modification into a horror novel. Surely you've seen or read his novel which included an island where Dr. Moreau "experimented..." Well, as I was reading GMO Killerz, that was the story that came to mind, only this time it was Dr. Lev Nieman who was leading a team...
Although Dr. Lev Neiman works for the
 Satanos Corporation, a multinational
 GMO conglomerate that makes the most
 deadly poisons on the planet, 
he is first an agent of the Israeli
 government.   He was recruited as a teen
 and the Israelis paid for his education in
 genetic engineering.   Sent to America,
 he studied at M.I.T.   Before graduating
 with honors, he had been recruited by
 Satanos, which was exactly what his
 handlers in Israel wanted.   He is now a
 lead researcher at the Satanos facility,
 east of Morehead, Minnesota.

And, of course, the research had gone quite far in the desire to manipulate others to do what they are told! Dr. Nieman had progressed to the point that he was able to introduce strands of DNA into an individual who could, upon command of a

"But many things go on here that few know about
 beyond the actual research teams.   One particularly
 secretive team is led by Dr. Neiman. 
"His team has gone beyond the manipulation of the
 physical  form and delves into the manipulation
 of organisms through the use of programmable
 DNA chains.   Lev and his masters in Israeli 
intelligence want to be able to manipulate the
 actions and behavior of organisms on their cue.   
They basically want, with the introduction 
of chemical agents into certain segments of
 populations, to absolutely control them.
"Animal tests have been less than rewarding. 
  Mostly the animals, even chimps, don't have
 the cognitive ability to exhibit changes in the 
mental makeup beyond behavioral changes,
 usually of the extremely violent kind.   
So Neiman and his team have resorted to
 testing human subjects.   These are mostly 
volunteers who have answered ads in the 
newspapers for subjects to participate in a study
 in behavioral modifications.   
"Although Satanos
 has no qualms about creating genetic monsters
 in the name of research, they are sticklers when it
 comes to human testing.
"Key word" be forced to do anything that he had earlier been told to do--specifically, to Kill...

That wasn't hard to guess, was it, given the title of the book. So plan to witness quite a lot of gratuitous violence, not only uncalled for, but sometimes regretted by the individual involved. On the other hand, this isn't a pure slasher story with a horrible creature that comes out of dreams or hides behind a mask. These are people like you or I who happens to have...met... Dr. Nieman!

Soon, Nieman has a "gang" of volunteers just waiting around for the next assignment. After all, if you tell them to forget, an individual doesn't have much to get "back to..."

Now the interesting twist is that one of his research volunteers already had behavioral modification issues... in fact, Nieman realized that about 13% of those receiving the extra DNA strands were not responding as expected.

Take a look at the young lady on the right of the book cover! Dangerous?! You bet! But she was NOT controlled by the good Dr. Nieman...

Police haven't a clue, right? Jimmy and Oly--yep, Jimmy plays a little of "Laurel and Hardy" in between trying to figure out what is going on! And they do begin to discover, for instance, about the extra DNA... But it's just not enough...

In the meantime, Marissa, the little doll who was "affected" differently, is on her way to find the guy who tried to get her to kill her mother--which she did not... And she's picking up some helpers along the way!

And, oh yeah... Dr. Nieman's thinking is being affected by all the control he's got in his hands...

I don't know why, but once Marissa was introduced, I started to find this horror novel humorous! The characters are perfect, the writing and story so fluently presented that you begin to imagine all the possibilities! In fact, although I am not sure, but the ending could be taken as a set up for a sequel... Myself? I was surprised by the quality of the book. The cover appeared a little overdone when I first saw it, but it really is perfect for the story! In fact, I enjoyed Marissa so much that this reader who is not an avid horror fan, would enjoy seeing what happens to her...Think "Kill Bill" for this young lady who kept me "laughing" in this "explicit" horror story... Go figure!


I was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1951. I have lived in California, Oregon, Arizona and Hawaii, I now live in Minnesota. I originally started out as a commercial artist and worked in many tourist areas over the years selling art. I started reading Sci-Fi and Horror by the late 50s and loved it. Over the years I have toyed with the idea of writing but never had the time until I started having serious back problems. With a few visits to the doctor and a MRI it was found that I had broken my back some time in the past and have degenerative joint and disc disease. So I became disabled. Now I had the time to write. I began writing in 2002 and have been writing even since.

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