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Why Kimba Saved The World by Meg Welch Dendler is Delightful Children's Book...

Why Kimba Saved the World
By Meg Welch Dendler

"Love is always the answer," was inscribed by Meg Dendler when I got my copy of this book. Meg plays
Mama in the book and I'm going to present her as teacher, mother, wife and mama to a number of family members, including Kimba. I've also included a video of her reading the Introduction and the first chapter...

As a teacher, the author has created videos as teacher resources which are available to be used in class. To me, that's an extra special gift that reveals her capabilities in the classroom, which are important. I also included it because parents may use them along with the book to help their children read and hear the book at the same time...It's so important for children to have the opportunity to learn to read early and this author has certainly developed a wonderful process to, of course, market her book but most importantly, to help children in that activity.

Finally, after you see her, read the book and listen to her, hey, this woman is indeed showing the world her love, in my opinion! I don't normally applaud the author outside of for the book, but once you visit her online at her website, blog, UTube, Facebook et. al., I think you will feel very confident in considering not only the first book, but her entire upcoming series for your children's library. I have no doubt that Mama played a big part in what Kimba decided in the book (and in her heart...)

"Some cats are born on earth and never know who
they really are. Others are sent. They are undercover
for their years on earth. They know who they are.
They know that they are not from earth at all. And
they are part of a bigger plan."

Ok, you realize that I downloaded lots more pictures of Kimba than I could ever use. You see, she looks very much like my Baby that came to live with me many years ago. I was living with my mother at the time and so my boss decided if he gave me a kitten, then my mother couldn't "not" allow me to accept it.... He called her Miss Kitrich but both Mom and I quickly started calling her Baby... Isn't Kimba a special someone to love?!

It was Daddy who had found the two sisters and
it was Daddy who began feeding Kimba's sister,
so that Mama could take care of the smaller
Kimba who was very weak... But optimistically, 
she had been named after Kimba, the white lion
and indeed she soon was growing big, bigger. She
was almost a grown cat!

Image of Kimba (Leo) from the anime, Kimba the...
Image of Kimba (Leo) from the anime, Kimba the White Lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"The face in front of her was still pretty fuzzy looking, but the smell and the sound was the same as it had been for so many days. This was the source of the soft voice and the delightful food.
"Hello, Kimba," the woman said, "What beautiful blue eyes you have!"
"Amazing!" said the kitten back. "I can see you!"

Time flew and now Kimba knew everybody that lived in their house: Mama and Daddy had spent most of their time with the new babies, while their two daughters seemed to have their own cats! You'll meet them plus the monster Blackie in our book...  'Cause I have to tell you about Regalus before it's too late!

At first, Kimba's sister didn't believe that he'd seen a cat in what they call a mirror. But Kimba made her come with him to check. Then Regalus introduced himself. Hiro was soooo afraid of him, but Regalus just went on talking, not paying too much attention to her. He seemed to be speaking to Kimba, and was saying that the humans in the house could know nothing about their communications! Yikes! Kimba got kind of scared at that, but still wanted to know more...

Regalus explained that long ago, they had shared the secrets of mirrors through others like them. It was done so that the cats could see through them to meet and talk to all the cats that wound up living in their homes. This was NOT what cats were supposed to do--they were meant to be free and allowed to do what they wanted!

Then he told them about their heritage! 

"Yes," Regalus said, proudly. "In ancient Egypt, cats were not only allowed in homes, but cherished as gods and most honorable members of the family. Some of those humans seemed to understand who their cats really were," he said, straightening up tall. "Those ancient cats left their reports in paintings on the walls. Helping the human to invent mirrors made communication much quicker and easier..."

Now, the thing was that since Kimba and Hiro had not grown up outside, they had not been able to learn about their "mission" from their mother. Regalus was hoping that through his messages, he would be able to help them fulfill their real destiny. So he began several simple tests.

The first one was easy. Regalus wanted them to rub up against the humans in the house, as they left, so that they would have their smells and thus be able to be tracked outside. That was pretty easy and Kimba was feeling pretty confident. But the next mission was for her to go outside!

Now I'm going to share Kimba's secret with you, just so you can understand...Kimba did go outside, but she was verrrry afraid while out there! But when she reported back to Regalus, she told of the things she saw and everything, but neglected to mention that she didn't at all like it out there...

Soooo, because of that, Regalus went on to explain what to do next! And it involved Mama's computer!  Well, she had been in her office lots of time while Mama was on the computer, but she had always stayed on the floor or somewhere where she could watch her while she hit the keys...

But now...

I hope I've got you interested, because you won't believe what Regalus wants and what the big plan is for cats across the world... As you can see, Kimba started by getting up on the desk and pretending she was just getting closer to Mama... Her plan was to get closer and closer until she could see what Mama was actually doing...

Yes! It's a mystery--a cat mystery--for your kids and anybody who loves cats! This book, closing in at nearly 200 pages  is well-spaced for young readers, and can be either read by the parents, held by the child and listening to the videos, or be one of the first "grownup" type of books that will be exciting to read as each child begins to learn words. And, of course, there are pictures throughout the book to get to know the characters. But I know that children are going to get interested in the story line very quickly and will want to know what happens...

And guess what? The next book, starring Hiro will be out soon! I can't wait...Oops, I mean, your child will be anxious to meet and learn about shy, sensitive Hiro who is Daddy's girl! Watch for the next book in this series, but in the meantime, I highly recommend you meet Kimba! She's going to win your heart with her story of...Love...
"...The black and white one was hopeless. She would never disobey the human male.
And she was clearly afraid of her own tail. She'd never manage to sneak outside
into the big world.
"But the white one, Kimba, would she make a break with the rules and regulations
of her life?
...All his hopes would have to rest on her..."


About the Author

Meg Welch Dendler is a former teacher with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. While over a decade as a freelance writer gave her the chance to interview individuals as diverse as the Archbishop of Cape Town and Sylvester Stallone, in 2010 Meg set her focus on publishing several books for young readers that she had been working on for years. Meg is thrilled to be sharing her first book, "Why Kimba Saved The World," with young readers worldwide. In this first book of the Cats in the Mirror series, feisty house cat Kimba learns that she is really part of an alien race and has to pick sides between her loyal human family and her feline destiny. The second book, "Vacation Hiro," is already in the works. Meg and her family (including four cats and her dog Max) live at 1,400 feet in the Ozark mountains on what they call Serenity Mountain, just outside of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Visit her at for more information about upcoming books and events.
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