Friday, September 27, 2013

While Mom's Away... All Our Friends Visit!

"Hey! You Got Some Great Books In This Cabin!"
"What! He's just a friend!"

"I know this is going to taste good--once I get it Open!"
"Everybody cuddles outside in the cold--we're friends now!"
"Hi Everybody! This is My Mom! Yeah, adopted! You?"
"Hey! Us Too!
"Oh God, don't let anything get broke!
Mom'll be mad!"
"Somebody shut those dogs up! Or we'll put them out!"

"All I wanted to do was let some friends see how nice my home is with Mom..."

"You know, I didn't want them here! This is OUR Home too!"

"Yeah, but we were here first! But she does provide good eats!"
"You can say that again! Let me get some!"

"Hey, save some for my kids! Do we get to go inside too?!"

"And Get That Cat Away From My Walls!"

"Hey Mom! Don't Be Mad! We had fun!"
"This has been brought to you by the
group at the
"Just My Opinion Blog"
I told her we didn't get 'nuf stuff
Payback is FUN!"

"But This is my Blue Period!"

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