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Headless World: The Vatican Incident Timely and Totally Believable Fiction from Stan I. S. Law! OMG!

"Last week, on Friday, Peter had been notified by the Administration of the Montreal Neurological Institute that yet another delegation from the Great Republic down south was coming to visit his Department. Over the years, there had been many such delegations from various American universities. Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, UCLA, all had their representatives living in Montreal. But this was the first time that a personal emissary of John Linker, the VP himself, was heading a delegation. Peter usually steered as far away from politics as he could, but it was common knowledge, even in Canada, who held the reins in Washington. Linker—the power behind the throne. The President was the spokesman. The front man. 
"Peter had no idea what they wanted. Once Peter had taken over as the Head of the Neurosurgery Department, he had achieved positive results in memory control. Within a year the Department of Experimental Sonic Neurosurgery at the MNI became known throughout the world. Well, at least the neurological world. It was becoming fairly certain that particular ultrasonic vibrations affected people’s memory cells. More often than not, the effect was temporary. 
"In the early days, Peter experimented with sound to erase traumatic memories in women and some children who suffered from acute psychosis brought on by abuse. That part did not bear particularly good results, because he found that while he could bring about general temporary amnesia, he could not get at specific memories. It was an all or nothing proposition. 
The promising part and the part that had kept the funding coming was that when the memory had returned, there were certain aspects of the traumatic experience which had been relegated to the deep recesses of the mind, so much so that they no longer immediately affected the patient. It was regarded as a tremendous step forward in treatment of certain types of psychoses. A ten-minute treatment bore results similar to five to ten years on a psychiatrist’s couch. No mean achievement for a research scientist still in his forties.

Headless World:
The Vatican Incident

By Stan I. S. Law

So, what do you think? Can you figure out what's going to happen from the clues above? The "potential" of this "blows my mind!" And I think that it would take the brilliance of this prolific writer to pull it off in this explosive "what if" from Stan Law...

English: The Montreal Neurological Institute, ...
English: The Montreal Neurological Institute, wrapping around one end of Molson Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"I don't think I can buy him, John. He seems to be one of those men..."
"I can't stand the virtuous ones. They are always hiding
behind some illusory principles."
"I know.""They could practically read each other's thoughts. "MayI use the..."
"Whatever it takes. I rather think that Brown has exactly what we need. Only it might need a little more development."
"Thank you, Sir." They hung up in perfect unison. When Fred was told to apply such pressure as was necessary, he always confirmed the authorization by addressing the Vice President
as Sir. That kept the responsibility with the granter, not the grantee. He could always say that he was carrying out orders.
This novel is a sequel to The Avatar Syndrome which was being studied at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Anne who was the violin virtuoso for just two years is now married to Dr. Peter Brown and traveling quite a bit in her new mystical role...

Peter has been appointed head of the department and has been involved in sonic neurology research. As with other activities happening at the Institute, much acclaim and support is being given, with Dr. Brown gaining more and more of a reputation.

So, of course, somebody who wants to consider their own desires starts considering what they could do with this new "potential..." This time the Vice-President of the United States is the interested party. John Linker was the real power in Washington, while the President was the "front..." Linker already had a Plan. And he had a small group of close confidants they called "The Bridge Club" who would implement that Plan, just as soon as the time was right... 

Peter wasn't the least bit interested in what the VP wanted, which didn't surprise him! But when his
boss was contacted and offered billions of dollars...

The Vice-President wanted Peter Brown to come to Washington and work, using his latest discovery to determine whether it could be of help to those men and women who had developed PTSD...

When he got there, Brown was given a slightly different direction. And before long was asked to present a "show and tell" with a small group of veterans, to The Bridge Club..."

In the meantime, Anne had decided to visit some of the places where she had once given concerts, but had never had time to really see anything of the countries. Her first visit was to Italy... and almost immediately she was recognized! NOT what she had wanted to happen... But the man was so very gracious and, indeed, turned out to be the Camerlengo, who was the individual who directly worked with the Pope. Suddenly Anne was being asked if she would like a personal audience with him! Of course she accepted!

It was only a short time after, however, that the Pope happened to touch Anne's hand and received a vision... Soon after, the Pope had died...
“Remember eight hundred fifty five,” he translated. “I racked
  my brains. At long last I found the only date  that corresponded
 to Il Papa’s number. It was a strange bit of history that
most members of my sacerdotal fraternity feel should
 be forgotten. Or, at the very least, not taken seriously.”
He handed Anne the printout from his computer.
   According to an amply examined legend, John VIII,
the brief successor to Leo IV in 855, was Joan, an English
 woman who fell in love with a Benedictine monk, fled with
him to Athens, and, after his death, continued to Rome,
entering the priesthood in disguise and enjoying great success as
Joannes Anglicus (John of England).
The subterfuge was effective until she died in childbirth
 during a papal procession. Writers who declare the
legend to be utterly without foundation have tended
to be utterly Catholic in their outlook.   He let Anne
 read and reread the note. Finally she looked up
. “May I ask, ah, Gio, what has any of this to do with
 me?”  Gio then told her about the Pontiff’s last dream,
 his last vision. He sounded embarrassed. He
 seemed to be grasping at straws.
“You see, Anne, some people believe that the Holy
 Spirit speaks to us with a deep, sonorous voice,
commanding us to do or not to do certain things...

How about the picture on the right? Ahh, I loved how various thoughts, ideas, were interspersed in this book. And, no I didn't guess how it was going to end! But the ending was just as fascinating as the options presented earlier... 

There are so many things that I'd like to say about this novel, but it would give away too much! If you take all the pieces I've offered, you may begin to see where the title comes from... But the actual story is just sooooo awesome!

The only thing wrong about this novel and its prequel is that the author does not do a good job of actually marketing his books... It's my pleasure to highly recommend both The Avatar Syndrome and Headless World  in particular to anybody who enjoys reading the point where science and spirituality meets, bends, and, sometimes, actually merges... 

Can you imagine? What would happen?
If world leaders...

I get exhilarated just thinking about it!

Book provided for review

Stanislaw Kapuscinski, (aka Stan I.S. Law) an architect, sculptor and prolific writer, was educated in Poland and England. A refugee from Poland at 13, then at 33, having overcome numerous difficulties, he began his search for the secret of life. Now, he is a successful writer, happily married for 25 years, with an assured future.
His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences and philosophy. At times he seeks inspiration in the Peruvian Andes, or solitude under sail. His books (articles, short stories, poetry) attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of Human Potential. He authored more than twenty-five books, forteen of them novels.
His non-fiction explores Ancient Myths, Biblical Symbolism, Immortality and the mystery of Visualization. Three volumes of Essays (Beyond Religion) investigate the Nature of Being. Generally, if you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski.

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