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Lisa Unger Gives Us Dark, Edgy Suspense in Family Drama...

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"He'd read a bit of her work. Iy's lovely, Kate. You have a delicate voice. But what else would he say to the youngwoman ten years (twelve, actually) his junior as she lay
naked in bed beside him, watching his face as he read? Anyway, what did that even mean? She took is to mean
that he didn't think much of it, since she'd heard him
describe other authors he admired as muscular or powerful, masterful or mesmerizing. Didn't she already know on some subliminal level that she was allowed to have any ambition, any talent of her own, while she was with him? If she sought to be anything but his greatest and most intimate admirer, the delicate balance of their relationship would start to tip toward destruction. Chronic pleaser that she was, she couldn't have that..."

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By Lisa Unger

I must say that the beautiful, wild and dark cover attracted me to this book--it presents a touch of gothic--edgy, and indeed, most of the action takes place on that island, far away from the world. There is where Birdie Burke spent much of her time, often alone. Indeed, although it was time for the annual family get-together to occur, and there was work to do in preparation, once again her husband Joe had grown restless and left to return only when the children had arrived.

Now 75, she could have used help, but these days that didn't happen often. But then she knew she had done it to herself. Everybody would be happy with hamburgers on the grill... Just as she was telling herself that, she saw him. A figure was standing near the main house. She couldn't make him out but walked toward him, asking who it was, but nobody answered. Had she really seen someone? She turned to look at the one cabin within view of their island, but she knew that no boat had docked... Searching everywhere, she finally went back to the cabin, unsettled, worried...

Emily was a waitress in the town nearby, but she was having a bad day. She enjoyed the job and her boss was wonderful; it was Dean who didn't like her working and her mother didn't like Dean. She wondered whether anything would ever run smoothly. Now Dean wanted her to participate in something and she felt even more caught--someone could get hurt!

Kate, the main character, talked to Theo, her brother. Both of them had mostly been raised by nannies and had never really gotten along with their mother who had always been involved with the latest society event occurring. Theo had told Kate that he was not going to the island that year. Kate was not looking forward to seeing her mother, but she did love the island and her son was already looking forward to it, although her daughter was concerned about the lack of contact with anybody once there.

Kate had written and published a book that was based upon family journals that had been left to her rather than to Birdie. Kate was very worried about what and how she would tell her mother! Kate had once been married to a famous author. She was now happily remarried, but still her mother faulted her for leaving her first husband. Everybody was happy with her success, but she knew that the revelations would not please her mother. She was dreading the trip.

But once there...ahhhh, so much tension, as Kate joins Birdie and then Emily arrives! Who is Emily? And who is that dark figure (a ghost?) that stands waiting? Ahhhh, there is family drama like no other as secrets both past and present are revealed--all while dangerous men have also joined them there! A psychological suspense story with a thrilling edge-of-seat surprise ending! Enjoy! I certainly did!


Lisa Unger is an award-winning New York Times and international bestselling author. Her novels have sold over 1 million copies in the U.S. and have been translated into 26 different languages.
Her writing has been hailed as "masterful" (St. Petersburg Times), "sensational" (Publishers Weekly) and "sophisticated" (New York Daily News) with "gripping narrative and evocative, muscular prose" (Associated Press).
New York Daily News Pick: "Summer's Top New Thriller Novels." Publishers Weekly Editors Pick: "The Best New Books for Week of June 25.″
Family Circle Magazine "Cool Reads for Hot Days".
FRAGILE (2010)
Good Morning America "Top Book Pick", Harper's Bazaar "Hot Books", Named "Emerging Author" by Target.
DIE FOR YOU (2009)
Good Housekeeping "Book Pick", Good Morning America & Parade "Great Summer Read", Today show "Top Summer Pick".
BLACK OUT (2008)
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