Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alan Nayes' Gargoyles Amazing Thriller!

"Gabriella stroked oone hand across her
gravid abdomen, then quickly climbed from
the security and cover of the lush vegetation to
resume her flight along the muddy carretera that
could eventually lead her to San Andres...
"Mi bebe!" My baby. Gabriella dashed back under
the gloomy cover of the rain-forest canopy. She
would rather risk an encounter with el tigre or even
Desmodus rotundus, the loathsome bloodsucking
vampire bat.
"Wump. Wump. Wump. Anything but the
choppers. She could never return to Las Canas.



By Alan Nayes

The title, Gargoyles, provided me an image of history and old buildings...so I was quite surprised as I started to read this amazing story. I tend to think that there are some good things that could happen for the future based upon medical research. Then I read a book such as this and second-guess my former opinion. It seems everything that is good always must have somebody spoil it through the search for power or money... Readers will soon see where Nayes is headed; however, his main character, Amoreena Daniels becomes the driving force that keeps us reading--we want, no, we need to know what happens to her! I wasn't pleased with the ending, but then turned the page and saw that a sequel was available and this character continues in Plague. If you enjoy horror mixed with scifi, I can recommend this highly...The suspense keeps you turning the pages--and I look forward to reading the next two books in The Resurrection Trilogy.

Daniels is a pre-med student who has a brilliant career ahead of her when her mother is diagnosed with cancer.
Amoreena and her mother are alone and close, so when problems occur with her insurance, she fails to tell her daughter that she has not been paying for health care...

And the hospital representative is after Amoreena as the responsible person for paying the bills!

In the midst of classes, tests, preparation for the MCAT, Amoreena had become desperate, working with her mother's doctor to ensure her mother was taken care of...

And then, it seemed, a miracle happened. She was contacted by a Women's Clinic who had a program that could help her. All she had to do was become a surrogate mother and she would be paid $50,000. The cost of having her mother placed in a special program was $30,000. Amoreena made the decision to proceed!

The clinic was well-run, clean and the staff very capable. She really didn't like her assigned doctor but had met Dr. Rafael, who substituted and she not only found him attractive, but felt more comfortable with him. She was told that the client would pay the $50,000, while the Clinic would take care of all medical expenses for her. It seemed an ideal solution, so she are soon artificially inseminated. But then strange things started happening.

A note was placed on her car window indicating that the person who wrote it felt sorry for her babies... Then a young medical intern whose girlfriend had been at the clinic and died contacted her, asking her that if the babies moved in less than three months, that she should call him. And she met a young Mexican girl who had also been a patient, learning more... Once while having the routine blood taken for tests, Amoreena noticed how much had been taken and that several were already marked to be sent to another clinic.

It didn't take long for Amoreena to begin asking questions! So far everything had been adequately explained. But then her baby did begin to move--and it was under the three months. But she never got to talk to the young intern again--and learned he was dead.

Then she was approached by a medical examiner about her complaint letter to the Medical Board about her doctor at the Clinic. She had never written that letter...but it did allow her to share what she had been feeling and to learn more... And that's when she was kidnapped and wound up at the Clinic in Mexico...and a nightmare she could never have dreamed...it was real! Was there anybody there that was not corrupt or being bribed to look the other way? If you are expecting, don't read this book... This novel is horrendous, but it is also fascinating, engrossing, and totally awesome in scientific creativity! You decide how much you can "stomach!"


I live in Southern California but still consider myself part Texan by birthright. I was born in Houston and grew up in Dallas. I've resided in California since the mid 1980's but get back to Texas as much as possible. My first two published novels--GARGOYLES and THE UNNATURAL are biomedical thrillers. Actually THE UNNATURAL could also fall into the horror genre as it is a pretty bizarre tale. BARBARY POINT is a love story (see my review) about a successful young woman who falls in love with a fishing guide. It was written on a suggestion from a former agent. 
I have several other projects in the works. HEMLOCK POND is a horror story about a young woman and her son who move into a farmhouse with a haunted pond.
GIRL BLUE, another pretty bizarre story, is about a world renowned sculptor who becomes haunted by his last work. Oh did I mention the sculptor is terminally ill?
SMILODON is the story of a huge cat that terrorizes a small town in the majestic Pacific Northwest. This one will grab you and not let go--yeah, that sounds like a cat.
PLAGUE is the riveting sequel to GARGOYLES. Fasten your seat belts, close your eyes and pray like hell because the world as we know it is coming to an end.
My favorite football team is the Superbowl champs GREEN BAY PACKERS. Sorry Cowboys. But when GB is not on the gridiron--Go Dallas! Great Cheerleaders, too!
I enjoy the outdoors and as a side note I'm one of only a few individuals to ever swim across Wisconsin's chilly Lake Winnebago. Does this make me a better writer--probably not.