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Doctor's Tell-All Receives Praise!

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The Reality Behind the Book...

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May 16, 2012
"Reveals a dirty little really unsafe it is to work in an ER!", May 29, 2012
By Linda Whitt (Virginia Beach, VA United States) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The First To Say No (Hardcover) I am an ER nurse, and have been assaulted several times at work; most of my coworkers realize the danger in our job, that we are more likely than most professions to be assaulted at work. This story of an ER staff who received neither aid nor protection from their hospital administration, has a Charles Bronsonesque flavor, in that they did what they had to do to eliminate persistent violence. The book opens with the descriptive rape of an ER physician, and the surprising retaliation by her as she brings justice to her assailant before leaving the room! The ongoing methods are intriguing, and as the teamwork of staff members and other locals comes together to clean up the ER and the neighborhood... I was OK with it! I just love a good comeuppance, and as I turned the pages, I got one! Looking forward to reading the other book by this retired ER physician!

A Must ReadJune 7, 2012 
Shirley Priscilla Johnson "Author/Reviewer -... (USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: The First To Say No (Hardcover) I was quickly drawn into this read by author, Charles C. Anderson. The story, if you will, is set in Parkview Hospital emergency department in Virginia. It is here that we meet Dr.Kate Taylor as her story and so many others begin to unravel. It seems many of the doctors and nurses are being raped and other acts of violence are occurring that are not being dealt with. People come in and use the hospital to 'get fixed up' so they can go back out and do their drugs, stealing and killing, all at others expense.

Kate lost her father at a young age and the one tender memory she had was with him at the local park. Now that memory has been tarnished by a gang called the Plagues who are overtaking the city. The danger or going to the Park, or anywhere alone is wide spread. This gang kills, steals and rapes at will, not being stopped, even by the local police, who are now on their payroll. In this story Kate decides enough is enough and gathers those she can trust to fight back. She does not have the backing of the hospital, or the police, but she has behind her what is right.

I was amazed at this read and upset. I suppose I do not want to think that there are so many who will turn their heads not to stop evil just for the mighty dollar. I was also upset to finally understand how much of our nations finances are being thrown away just to help heal druggies who will not accept help to stop their habit. There are so many needy elderly people that are not receiving help or just the poor that are turned away, this truly is not fair and should be stopped. This is a great book, although troubling, the truth that is brought forth should be read by every American. Thank you Dr. Anderson.
Inspirational Eye Opener!, June 14, 2012
By InGodITrust - See all my reviews

This review is from: The First To Say No (Hardcover) This book helps start the very necessitated [sic] conversation surrounding emergency medical professionals in today's society. More often than the general public would like to believe, scenes from this book are the reality for many nurses, doctors, EMTs, and techs. "First To Say No" astoundingly illustrates the emotional and physical dilemma involved in working in the medical field.

It is my hope that this book is read and regarded on a grand scheme to help those who have the heart to CARE for others. Great read, quick read, informative read. We should distribute this to all politicians, socialites, administrators, and board members.4.0 out of 5 stars 

What people don't want to believe - A jaw-dropping medical thriller May 11, 2012
By The Paperback Pursuer

Doctors Kate Taylor and Elita Romanov are sick and tired of the constant abuse the community suffers at the hands of a local gang - the Plagues. The vicious gang members not only cost the hospital hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid medical bills, but they are notorious for abducting, terrorizing and raping staff members on and off the property of Parkview Hospital. The local police are paid to look the other way, and hospital management refuses to acknowledge the problem, but the gang's victims are ready to fight back; ready to finally say, "NO!". Can Kate, Elita and the people they care about find a way to "cleanup" the streets without getting themselves killed? Will risking their own lives and reputations save the place they call home?


I think I have found my new favorite genre! I am in the medical field, so it should come as no surprise, but until recently I had not found a modern medical thriller that lived up to my expectations. Maybe it is because I define a thriller as 'action-packed', 'suspenseful', 'gritty', 'compelling', and, I daresay, 'thrilling'. I dislike when a book is labeled as as a certain genre and doesn't deliver - especially when the book ends up being sleep-inducing instead of heart-pounding. The First To Say No is one of a string of medical thrillers I have read recently that stands behind its cover blurb. It started quickly and unexpectedly, the problems the characters faced immediately evidenced; I was slightly appalled, but the rough reality immediately caught my attention. Elita's character is introduced in such a way that the reader can't help but wonder about her abstruse past, and Charles C. Anderson does a great job leading to the answers; (no spoilers). The same is true with Kate and Margaret - complex, realistic and well-developed characters that the reader can't help but cheer for. The plot definitely encompasses my definition of thriller, particularly in the levels of action and suspense. I knew what was coming, especially the ending, but I was still excited to read it! The dialogue was also appropriate and believable; I really appreciated the medical terminology. However, I do find it horrifying that there are places in America where violence escalates to the heights discussed in the book. Recommended to adult readers into the medical thriller genre, or those in the mood for some well-deserved vengeance.

GREAT read!May 29, 2012
This review is from: The First To Say No (Paperback)
It is a shocking look into the world of medicine that I never thought existed. After reading the book, I decided to do some research and found out that it is actually more common than you would think!

Back to what I thought of the book. Sexual abuse against nurses and doctors run rampant in Parkview Hospital, and with the police being of no help at all, tension is high while Romanov and Taylor decide what to do against the local gang, the Plagues. The Plagues pretty much run the city- even turning what was once a beautiful park into a place for drug dealers, drug users, and gang members. Citizens are afraid to go near the park for fear that they may end up hurt, or worse.

But once Taylor comes up with a plan, it is a race against time to rid the city of the gang and help the hospital from closing while not getting caught. Will their plan work or will it backfire?

So next time you're at the hospital, you will see everything in a different light. I finished the book about a week or so before Mom ended up in the hospital. I saw things a little differently this time.

NO BETTER FRIEND, July 11, 2012
HIS BEST FRIEND - See all my reviews

This review is from: The First To Say No (Paperback)I am a personal friend of Dr. Anderson's; trained with and worked with him for many years. Everything that he has written is TRUE. Chapter 9 sums up our health care system so so well. For those of you who can not believe what he has written, then please visit any Emergency Room in our large Metropolitan centers. These places are not for the faint of heart. Assaults on healthcare workers continue as I write this review. I too have been a practicing Internest, Pulmonologist, Intensivist, and Emergency Medicine doctor for over 40 years including medical school. I have witnessed what he describes in this book. It will continue unless we as a society are the "FIRST TO SAY NO!"
Charles, Great JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AMERICA "WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dr. Ted Georges

Enough Is Enough; You NEED TO Read This Book!, May 13, 2012

Glenda A Bixler “Glenda” (Pennsylvania) – See all my reviews (VINE VOICE)

This review is from: The First To Say No (Hardcover)

You may have noticed that, upon reading the first few pages of this book, I stopped and put out an advance notice in my blog and declared it a must-read. I feel even more strongly that it is, now that I’ve finished reading!
I recognize that Dr. Anderson has dramatized his novel by using many samples of what he’s seen as an emergency room doctor, within just one novel. (Or maybe not?) The timing is not important, rather it is the fact that I believe that every shocking example case that he has used is real, in this agonizingly realistic story …
All you have to do is read a newspaper or watch the news! America has become a violent nation! Violence of one type or another happens faster than can be reported!
Dr. Kate Taylor, head of the Emergency Department, in a small Virginia city, had lost her father too early in her life. One of her fondest memories was his walking with her to a local park where a beautiful fountain with fish was her favorite place to spend time with her father, sitting along side, looking down at all the wishes that had been made by visitors throwing in pennies…
Now that park could no longer be used by the town’s residents…
It was filled with drug dealers, prostitutes, and a place where anybody who wandered in might be brutalized or worse. It was owned, now, by the Plagues, a gang of violent criminals…
And they routinely paid off the majority of the police officers to stay away from that once-beautiful park…

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