Monday, July 2, 2012

Jude Hardin's Nicholas Colt Main Character is Cool!


"One thing led to another and I ended up infiltrating
a group of white supremacists called Chain of Light,
led by a self-proclaimed prophet named Lucius Strychar.
Strychar had been keeping a journal called The Holy
Record for a lot of years about his experiences as a
minister and his personal conversations with Jesus
Christ, and I desperately wanted to get my hands on
that book. But some strange things started happening.
They tried to drug me and I escaped into the woods
in a van. I had a hostage names Brother John and he
had the angel tattoo on his arm and a burning cross
tattoo on his chest and he was one of the most hateful
racist motherfuckers I'd ever met and I tortured him into
giving me information about...
"Thinking about them triggered another memory, one
that I hoped was false. I pulled my shirt off and, sure
enough, there it was. The angel tattoo...

By Jude Hardin

Nicholas Colt is in a series--and now he's back! Although I had not met this main character before, I was happy to enjoy him in this latest novel, Crosscut. He was remarried and had his own band once again. The family also included an older daughter who they had adopted. Colt had met Brittney and saved her during an earlier case...

In fact, it could be the same case with which he was now being asked to get involved...or so it seemed...but he had let his PI license elapse...

Colt had needed to get out of the business of solving crimes. His first wife and daughter had been killed. Now an older woman and her daughter-in-law had been butchered, but they carried the slanted crosscut, something like a crucifix on their forehead. 

Apparently the cult, The Harvest Angels, which was a militant group of white supremacists, could still be active! The one who had been responsible for his family's death was definitely dead. But, now, an old girlfriend had come to ask his help when her brother, a deputy sheriff had disappeared along with two others from the town in Tennessee where the women's bodies had been discovered. No matter who had carved those crosses...that had changed Colt's decision...he had to try to find who was doing this!

Almost as soon as he starts his investigation, he's meeting trouble, personally, but when his wife and adopted daughter are attacked back home, and crosscuts have been placed on their foreheads, he is amazed to discover, and kill, who had done it!

Finally, he finds that something could be worse than being killed...and he was now going to face the same thing!

This novel is highly recommended if you enjoy psychological suspense with an unstoppable lead character, fighting the bad guys. I was saddened when I tried to find a picture to correlate with the storyline and found a prison shot for a white supremacist taken this year! I guess I was hoping that this type of story could not be true for today...but criminal acts are indeed continuing! This novel represents today's headlines folks! Now I wish that this Nick Colt was real! How about you?


About Jude Hardin

Jude has worked as a fence installer, pizza delivery man, convenience store clerk, freelance journalist, film extra, professional drummer, bartender, avionics technician, carpet cleaner, chemical plant supervisor, substitute teacher, and registered nurse. His varied vocations have given him a wealth of experiences for his true passion — writing novels.

Jude graduated from the University of Louisville in 1983 with an English degree, and currently lives and works in northeast Florida. When he’s not pounding away at the computer keyboard, Jude can be found pounding away on his drums, playing tennis, reading, or down at the pond fishing with his son.

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