Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jeannie Walker Shares Own Story in Wonderful Children's Book...

Jeannie, her Dad and Rinty!
The Rain Snake:
 A True Story of Love,
 Faith and Trust

By Jeannie Walker

Today seems to be just the right day to read and write about a miracle, don't you think? Especially if you are with young children and can read it for them and then give it as a gift!

I loved the concept of the story, sharing the miracles of another culture with all children, and a little historical of course the true story that happened in the life of the author!

Oklahoma had been set aside as Native Indian territory and had asked that the state name be Sequoah - which makes sense if it indeed was to be the home of our Native Americans. Instead, Oklahoma was the given name of the state that was recognized in 1907...

It was 1955 when Woody Maxwell, a local farmer, was having major problems during a long drought that had hit the State. Woody was Jeannie's father and she was a young tomboy who helped her Dad, who was a Cherokee Indian, as much as she could to run their farm, which included both crops and animals...

One day, they were out riding and Jeannie saw a paper bag that was moving! She immediately pointed it out to her father who stopped and got out to see what it was...A was a puppy! But he was in bad shape and needed food!

They took him home and started feeding him a little milk. They called him Rinty after the story of Rin Tin Tin and her father took the time to explain who that dog was and how he became famous...

Her Dad told Jeannie about the Indian legend of rain making--but he quickly warned her that snakes were dangerous and that she should stay away from them. Jeannie shared that Rinty let her know when a snake was around and they always ran away!

But one day during the chore of egg gathering, Jeannie and Rinty discovered that a chicken snake was stealing their eggs. She ran to tell her father... Her father killed it...and, guess what, eggs starting rolling out of its mouth! Jeannie declared she'd never seen anything like that! But she later took that snake and tried the legend and it worked! It rained!

Jeannie had dreamed about the Indian Legend. She just had to try the Legend again--and, now, during this major drought they had met and Rinty had killed a snake!! But there were many people praying for rain as well; one man in the nearby town was leading a vigil of prayer! Did the Indian magic, the prayers, or both?

Jeannie learned much about God from that time and sharing this story with your children will also help them understand! A truly inspiring book with added family photos and artwork--a blessing for young and old! Highly recommended!


Jeannie Walker is an Award Winning Author and Award Winning Songwriter. She studied creative writing in New York and Connecticut and is a member of the International Association of Writers.


  1. It sounds like a fascinting, fun story.

  2. This is definitely a great family story everybody will love. The love between the characters is inspiring. This can be a bed time story that you would love to read to your children before they sleep. I am glad you share this with us.

  3. Thanks for reading and sharing my true children's story. I love having amazing friends and readers like you. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

  4. I put your amazing review on Goodreads, my dear friend.