Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Unforgettable Memory - Please Share With David!

Hey Everybody!  Book Reader's Heaven has been given the opportunity to participate in a research activity now underway. One of those who submits to the following topic, to David Callinan, will be selected to receive His Four Thrillers from Smashwords (or any of his books)...

Your Unforgettable Memory

Help me research my new thriller tentatively entitled:
How Can I Forget You?

‘YOUR UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY’ is a project that I hope will help me to gather your earliest memories – as well as the most emotional, terrifying, beautiful, wonderful and profound. Memories that have made an unforgettable impact on your life. Your identity or that of any individual is not part of the project and will not appear in the actual book although I am more than happy to list names on a thank you acknowledgment page.

Please indicate if you are happy to be listed in this way or not. Confidentiality is my watchword. I will reply to every submission.

Only submissions sent from genuine email addresses will be considered. Try to keep to around 200 words.

Stop! In order to preserve confidentiality, please click here and go directly to site to respond!
Please also leave your name and contact info in our comments section so we will know that you participated in this contest here at BRH! Depending upon number of submissions we will run for either 2 weeks or to early June...! I've already sent my memories in so the only thing we will discuss here will be the participants and winner!

Unforgettable Memory…

Your Memory
Please tick if you are happy for your name to be printed as a thank you?

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