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Traci Hohenstein Provides Double Drama!

The Rachel Scott Adventures
Volume 1

Asylum Harbor

Burn Out

By Traci Hohenstein

It's great when you get the chance to read two entirely different stories within one book and both of the stories were equally suspenseful and exciting. Rachel Scott came to be doing her "Search" rescue activities by having gone through her own trauma of losing her daughter, who has yet to be found...

After unsuccessfully finding Mallory, Rachel founded Omni Search and went on to continue doing exactly what she had learned and using the many contacts and volunteers that had helped in that first search. Now, when nobody else had successfully found a lost, loved one...Omni Search soon became part of the activities!

In the first novel, Asylum Harbor, kidnapping, sexual slavery and drugs are all part of the story. When Amber Knowles, daughter of Florida's governor wanted to go on a trip, without anybody guarding her, the governor didn't want to agree. Unfortunately, he should have never given in...

Amber and friends had gone on a cruise and one evening Amber decided to go back to her cabin while her friends remained in a lounge. One of the crew accompanied her on that walk--neither were seen again... The Governor immediately asked that Rachel's group be brought in, although because of the location, she would not be able to take over the search activity--a frustration she did not easily adapt to since it prevented her from proceeding into places she knew had to be searched.

The crewman turned out to be a DEA agent, working undercover, and actually was the main reason that Amber found herself leaving the ship with him!

When a location became a very possible site where Amber could be, the search team were not permitted to enter all the facilities, Amber decided to take everything into her own hands, without authorization...

Burn Out brought a strange search to Rachel--a fire fighter had been working at the scene of a fire, but instead of leaving the building with the others, she caught sight of someone fleeing the scene and followed. At first it was thought that she had been trapped in the fire, but later there was no signs of her remains.

I think the key value I found in both books was the method by which searches were made and the very real ability and desire for volunteers to help in a time when so many people are needed to provide coverage of large areas of land. These two stories, in my opinion, were perfect examples of what can happened to each of us--something has happened to keep us from going back home. When time is of the essence, we need the talents and energy of people illustrated by Omni Search.

Obviously the suspense of the hunt makes for drama at its finest. But it was the emotional connections, the reactions of the characters that will draw readers into the stories. Rachel is a gutsy lady that, even with her own needs of finding her daughter, takes on even more and more searches to help others find their loved ones. A true hero for all of us to recognize and applaud, especially those who in real life do this type of work!

Lighter, shorter reads with one main goal--finding someone! Real-life drama presented for more than just enjoyment...


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