Monday, May 21, 2012

Callinan Takes Readers to Another Realm!

"Abraham had left his body and was traveling
in another continuum on a great cosmic wave,
pulsating throughout the tangible and
intangible world of spirit. His destination
was unknown, his purpose could only be
guessed. But he could be back in his body at
the Refuge in the time it takes a thought to
form. Right now, he was part of a current of
light and vibration, travelling along a
heavenly galactic artery far away from the
prison of his physical body..."


By David Callinan

David Callinan was a new writer to me, so when I got a brief statement that Bodyswitch was horror/thriller, I thought ok...even though the only description included was, "So you think your body belongs to you? Think again." One problem I do have with downloading e-books is that there is no blurb, which is the first thing I read (the back cover) on a I went cold into each of Callinan's books.

Bodyswitch reminded me a little of Dean Koontz. When I first started reading Koontz, I quickly realized that I could never know what his concept would be. Callinan, of course, has his own style of writing, but his ideas are just as weird, wild and wonderful as Koontz, who quickly became a favorite author for me. The concepts for Bodyswitch are remarkable!
Readers meet Jack Madigan as he's preparing for his biggest project of the year--Christmas and providing food and shelter for as many homeless as his shelter, The Refuge, could handle.

Being the head of a charitable organization required most of his time in seeking funds, while others volunteered to cook, provide spiritual support, etc. Jack was able to take a modest income and he and his wife were expecting their first child. Jack was ecstatic--he loved his wife so much and was looking forward to starting a family.

Meanwhile at Stirling Penitentiary, Ernie Mason had just been freed. His girlfriend, Marcia, had promised to come get him in three years and she was there. She told him he looked good, then added that she hoped prison had improved his temper...

Ernie had always been a cruel man but he quickly grinned and claimed he was reformed!

While he was in prison, he had even taken up art and, surprisingly, after he had left, a small group was touring the prison and saw the paintings he had left behind. Brilliant was the word an art-loving delegate declared. But Mason was out and needing money and he only knew one way to get it quickly--returning to his former life! He discovered, however,for that his old crowd were not anxious to see him return. He had to seek support for now until something changed and wound up heading to the Refuge...and briefly touched some the lives there...

Was it fate that took a hand at that point? For before long Ernie Mason was driving when he bashed Kerry Madigan. Jack found out and went into a deep depression, loving his wife so much and never being able to see her again or say goodbye...

And then he talked to Abraham...a man who volunteered at the Refuge...

I wish I could go ahead and tell you what happened! Let me just say that you will never, in my opinion, guess, or even think of the story except through the hint of the title... and even then, the pieces are so uniquely tied together, with ramifications that go beyond imagination that they go directly into the supernatural realm. I loved it! A different type but a little bit of Ghost Whisperer, with a dash of John Saul's horror, and a great deal of romantic mystery and suspense are all just a few more hints. I enjoy paranormal in any genre and found David Callinan's mixture delightfully blended into a surreal escape into what would be possible, if only...we believed it were...

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  1. To be compared to Dean Koontz is a true compliment. I think 'Bodyswitch' has a touch of Clive Barker about it.