Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OMG - What a Book Cover!!!

If you saw this cover, would you pick it up or click to read the blurb? Which of the covers below do you prefer? Informal poll, comment if you prefer one over the other... Just my own curiosity!

Here's the Blurb:

In upstate New York, Brett and Pamela Jameson find the house of their dreams on twenty acres of land. Bucolic and serene, it is the answer to all of their prayers. But their dream soon turns into a nightmare when violent ex-gang member Rory Madden, the property’s former owner returns, and will stop at nothing to reclaim the home he lost to foreclosure. Rory unearths the secrets hidden within the Jameson family, and begins to leverage his knowledge to slowly drive wedges between them. When their seventeen year-old daughter Justine falls prey to Rory’s advances, she becomes a co-conspirator, setting about a series of increasingly treacherous events that could forever tear the Jameson family apart. A terrifying odyssey into the dark side of the American dream, No One to Hear You Scream captures the fear of the modern middle-class, the alienation of those left out, and the heart-stopping terror at the realization that it can all be taken away in an instant.

Does the Blurb affect how you consider the book cover? Does the book blurb interest you? If the author were around, what would you say to her or ask about the book?

Hey, the author, IS Here...and will be around for a month as spotlighted author!


Why don't you tell Julia Madeliene what you think? Or ask her a question via comments! She'll be around often during her blog tour...which is ongoing... so find her here or there...maybe everywhere!
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  1. Julia, I liked the top one the best...did you have a preference? As author, did you make the final decision for what to use?

    I know that blurbs are often written by the publisher. Do you like this blurb?

    Personally, I thought it was a good one, short, succinct and told me what I needed to know about the storyline...


  2. Those eyes. Wow. Now, that would be a scary thing to have happen. I can't see the other covers to tell you my opinion. Sorry.


  3. Hi Glenda and Sia,

    I like the top one best too. I just recently changed the cover and I think it suits it better. Before I switched it, I made sure to get a lot of opinions on it. I posted it on the Kindle boards and everyone seemed to be split down the middle on which one they liked best. But I'm really happy with this new cover. I think it depicts the antagonist in the story quite well. This book is published independently so all the decisions were up to me, which appeals to my inner control freak quite nicely. Thanks so much for featuring it here today Glenda :)