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Dakota Banks Delivers Dark Danger in Deliverance!


Mortal Path Series
Third in Series

by Dakota Banks

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There is soooo little time and so many books! It is rare for me to say that I look forward to the next novel in a series... In fact, there may be just two: J. D. Robb's Death Series and this one by Dakota Banks! It's not that I haven't loved other books/authors, it is just that there are just these two series that has given us, first, a female lead character that continues to blow my mind with her sass and substance, added to her dedication to what she has chosen to do...and then having the gutsy swagger to follow through with the action and adventure she continuously faces. I must admit that Maliha adds her vast collection of weapons and stunts to "maybe" have a slight edge over Eve Dallas...but, then again, Eve has Roarke and all those daily romps with her billionaire husband and all he presents to the series......

Oh, and Banks has it all over Robb for her book cover images of her heroine! Gee, I once had a black jump suit that looked like that...but...

Fortunately I don't have to choose between the two or any other book!

Of course, the Mortal Path Series is not as old as the Death Series. Can Banks keep up the pace and quality she has thus far presented? Well, I know I'm going to be right there to find out because Dakota has won my coveted "must-read" author ranking...

Let me tell you about her latest because it was meant to be a little different as she explains in the beginning author's note. In Deliverance, the author is telling us more about the personal life of Maliha. Hey, if you were once dead, made immortal, and then an assassin, killing upon command, and then through one event decided to not only defy a demon, but, go to the other side to save people, it takes some major changes. After all, Maliha is losing most of her supernatural attributes so that she must attempt to do the same type of work with only human power!

Thankfully along the way, Maliha has made a number of friends who then dedicated their lives to support her activities. But, women like Maliha (and me) find it hard not to stand on their own or depend upon anybody else... 

Yanmeng has center stage first when Maliha must fight his son to the death and later when his own life is threatened. He has been kidnapped purely for pressure against Maliha--she is to kill on demand again and "pieces" of Yanmeng are delivered to ensure Maliha's compliance. She has no choice but to do as requested, at least until a rescue of Yanmeng is made and the kidnappers...gone!

Of course, that leads to the ever-present death adventures for our heroine that keeps readers turning pages and following the unbelievable (but we still expect them!) stunts Maliha pulls to fulfill each mission. But, it was time for those of us who are series fans to learn more about the main team and how they interacted with both Maliha and among each other. I appreciated that opportunity and hope that Banks continues to be somewhat introspective with her main characters, sharing more about each of them and their backgrounds, as new thrillers come out...oh, and, by the way, Dakota, we'd appreciate it if you could writer faster...

Start with the first book and catch up...this is a series that thriller and action adventure fans will not want to miss! Follow Maliha's Mortal Path...


A Note About the Series...

The inspiration for the Mortal Path series came from the occupation of Baghdad by American troops in 2003. There was a brief period during which the Iraqi National Museum was left unguarded, resulting in vandalism and looting of items of worldwide renown. Iraq sits on the ancient land of Mesopotamia, home to the cradle of civilization that developed in Sumer. Sumerian artifacts are historic treasures of value not just to the nation of Iraq but to everyone in the world. Fortunately, many of the artifacts have been recovered in the years after the looting. But what was smashed is lost, after surviving 6,000 years to be crushed out of existence by an angry person. 

It made me think about what else could have survived from Sumeria, something more malevolent than a dusty vase, that wasn't going to be easy to crush out of existence. I turned to Sumerian mythology, a fascinating set of stories with intrinsic interest for readers. To mention just one example, consider that the Sumerians believed their gods were extraterrestrials who came to Earth to mine for gold, among other reasons. The mythology was so wonderful on its own that all I needed was a jumping-off point for the series. In the mythology, all of the gods left Earth to return to their home planet, so I just had to make sure a few demons were left behind on Earth and survived into the present. I love the characters, the world, and the moral dilemmas that resulted, and writing the Mortal Path series has been intensely satisfying. - DB

Biography (scroll down to read all...)

Dakota Banks has worn a number of hats, including those of corporate analyst, independent computer consultant, and pet store employee (the one who cleans the cages). When she tried on a writer's hat, something magical happened: It stuck to her head, no matter how hard she tried to shake it off and get back to something that paid the mortgage.

Growing up in a converted 1890s funeral home, complete with blood gutters in the basement floor, fueled Dakota's interest in the paranormal. Fascinated with archaeology since childhood, she found a way to blend her background with her passion in the story line for her Mortal Path series of urban fantasies.

Dark Time: Mortal Path Book 1 is a suspenseful paranormal thriller laced with ancient legends and a quest for redemption, a frightening scenario that could be tomorrow's headlines, and a heady dollop of romance. Maliha Crayne an action-oriented and sensual heroine. She walks among us, but lives a far different life as she risks her own in protection of the innocent. Sacrifice, book 2, and Deliverance, book 3 (March 2012), continue Maliha's adventures.

Dakota is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and lives in a St. Louis suburb with her husband, two sons adopted from Peru and Ethiopia, and two cats Snickers and Marble, who sometimes ghostwrite her books. Good stuff, too, if you speak Cat.

Visit her website at http://www.dakota-banks.com.

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