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Scarlet Rose, the once remarkably beautiful, queen of the burlesque scene in 1960s Toronto, has aged into a decrepit bitter alcoholic, living on welfare and her daughter's handouts—a daughter she forced into the adult entertainment industry at the age of sixteen to support the family. Now in 1983, Scarlet's wealthy ex-husband has been found tortured and murdered in a hotel room, and her twenty-two-year-old daughter Fiona, must help the police find the killer.

While Fiona navigates her way through the dark recesses of her family's history, uncovering shocking secrets that threaten to destroy her, Scarlet Rose employs the skills she learns in Sun Tzu's The Art Of War, fixating on making a new life for herself using other people's money. But when she befriends a lonely American woman sitting on an inheritance, greed that knows no bounds, cold-blooded murder and identity theft, might just prove to be Scarlet's undoing.

Praise for Julia Madeleine's debut thriller, Scarlet Rose:s at times 

Julia Madeleine's debut book is at time disturbing and unforgiving and throughout un-put-downable. . . SCARLET ROSE shows a flair for the craft of mystery and an elegance in storytelling. I look forward to more.”- Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

“Never before have the dark corners of Canada's night life and welfare underbelly been spelled out with such enticing sensitivity. The addition of a character based on real life murderer Dennis Howe deepens the intrigue to a frightening level. Scarlet Rose is both a tantalizing tale and a dramatic heartbreaker.”- Alex Hutchinson author of "Virgin Gloves"

“Canadian author Julia Madeleine’s debut novel, Scarlet Rose, begins and ends in violence and lingers in between with all of the attributes of a classic noir novel . . . Scarlet Rose, is first-class in its genre. But be aware. As good as it is, it ain’t no cozy.”- M. Wayne Cunningham, Mysterious Reviews

“SCARLET ROSE is an absorbing, fast-paced read.”-Diane Fanning author of "OUT THERE" from St. Martin's Press

“Madeleine’s writing style is hypnotic and captures the reader from the very first page.”- Mary Menzel,

“Author Julia Madeleine has written an edgy debut that grips with compassion and greed. This book establishes her not only as a practitioner of the mystery genre but a storyteller of insight, a writer who can set out a life path and make the reader eager to follow it. . . A debut that is both raw and satisfying, with writing that compels the reader to want more."- Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator

“In her debut novel, Julia Madeleine has assembled an interesting cast of needy characters in a suitably dark setting. Enter the world of Fiona Dalton: where child becomes parent; where manipulation is currency; where nothing is quite what it seems and no-one is really who (or what) they appear to be...I kept turning the pages wondering exactly how this story would end. Well, the book came to an end but aspects of the story are still active in my imagination. I want more.”- Jennifer Cameron-Smith, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

In the prequel to The Truth About Scarlet Rose, life for an unwed teenage mother in the 1960s can be a hard road. Sylvia knows all too well how limited her options are. At seventeen taking a job as a burlesque entertainer to support herself and her baby is her best hope. But choosing to marry an older man and have a family with a cheating, boozing, gambling husband who makes promises he can't keep, becomes her downfall. And for a woman with limited choices, her decision to commit murder is not one she makes lightly, but carefully plans and executes in cold blood.

Stick A Needle In My Eye is a collection of 17 short stories of mayhem that are not for the faint of heart. These stories, one of which was nominated for a Derringer Award in 2011, have been featured in a number of crime fiction magazines.Buckets of blood are spilt between these pages, and some nice (and some not so nice) people die horrible deaths. Here you will meet a pedophile who picks the wrong little girl to try and molest; a clown who gets bullied by his wife one time too many, a serial killer who likes to take postmortem photographs of his victims, more than one angry wife/girlfriend seeking revenge on the other woman, and more than one escaped mental patient with murder in her heart.

In upstate New York, Brett and Pamela Jameson find the house of their dreams on twenty acres of land. Bucolic and serene, it is the answer to all of their prayers. But their dream soon turns into a nightmare when violent ex-gang member Rory Madden, the property’s former owner returns, and will stop at nothing to reclaim the home he lost to foreclosure. Rory unearths the secrets hidden within the Jameson family, and begins to leverage his knowledge to slowly drive wedges between them. When their seventeen year-old daughter Justine falls prey to Rory’s advances, she becomes a co-conspirator, setting about a series of increasingly treacherous events that could forever tear the Jameson family apart.

A terrifying odyssey into the dark side of the American dream, No One to Hear You Scream captures the fear of the modern middle-class, the alienation of those left out, and the heart-stopping terror at the realization that it can all be taken away in an instant.

"With NO ONE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM, Julia Madeleine fashions a dark tale of suburbia gone wrong that plants her solidly in the company of such genre stalwarts as Lisa Gardner and Harlan Coben. An all-too-real, truly terrifying thriller that turns the American Dream into the ultimate nightmare. A major effort that will leave you screaming for more." - best selling author, Jon Land

"A scorching hot, gritty and remarkably tense thriller." - author Paul D. Brazill

"You may not get much sleep, but it will be well worth it, I promise you!" -

"Julia Madeleine is a name to watch, and NO ONE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM is a winner." - author Allan Leverone

"No One To Hear You Scream by Julia Madeleine is a fantastic thrill-ride of suspense and drama that will leave you breathless! ...I look forward to seeing what's next from this incredible author!" - M. Vasquez: Life In Review

"I definitely recommend this book with highest of 5 stars! You'll be amazed at the way this book leaves you feeling.....fearful, thrilling, heart pounding....and so much more. I love the writing style of this author, and I am hoping beyond hope, that she will have another thrilling novel just like this one soon!" - Reviews By Molly

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