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Maryann McFadden Takes Us Where We Want to Stay!

Mystery Woman
Mystery Woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own."  --William Hazlitt

The Book Lover
   Out May 1st!!!!! Pre-order Now...

By Maryann McFadden

Now tell me, would anybody who loves to read not consider reading The Book Lover? Well, I'm here to tell you that you won't go wrong in picking this one! It reminded me of the TV program I enjoyed, Mystery Woman, years ago. Remember? I wish they would use this book to bring that show back--it would make a great movie!

The book also made me think of all those writers I meet who are trying to find a publisher--or those who decided to take the Indie route and have come to find just what that means to the author! Lots of time and hard work! This has a great plot that just may provide some tips to authors--or at least engender enthusiasm and a new drive to do what you have to do to sell your books!

Lucinda Barrett is the author you will meet. She had submitted her novel, A Quiet Wanting, over and over, only to have it rejected. It was the "reasons," that sometimes really got to her, like: "This is a wonderful book, but I was hoping there would be some humor." She had never mentioned humor and getting such a response "was enough to make you crazy..."

And then there was me--oops, no, just because I'd like to own one--A Bookstore, that is!...LOL...

Ruth Hardaway is the bookstore owner of The Book Lover. We meet her as her "calves, which had been complaining for hours, were screaming..." She had been there since 6:30 AM and was fuming about the new hours mandated by the Warwick Revitalization Committee..."She slipped off her low heels, and rubbed her left calf with the big toe of her right foot... She was once again thinking whether or not she should finally give up her store...

I included these short excerpts to give an example of the wonderful flavor you'll find while you read. A book lover like me has, indeed, thought about opening an independent bookstore. In fact, I thought about opening a second-hand store when I moved into my log cabin... But my family felt it would be a bad idea, so I succumbed...and give my books to the library... Writers and readers, I have no doubt, will sink into this book that will be comfortably familiar to them, but also one that will tell the very real story of publishing in today's world...

After that last rejection, Lucinda had once again started to think about publishing the novel herself. But what would she say when somebody congratulated her after they read the headlines, "Dream of Being Published Comes True."? But she did it--just as many others are doing more and more!

And so it was that as Ruth awoke suddenly one night that she went downstairs, fixed a cup of tea, hot and soothing, that she picked up a book on her stack, and pulled out a tiny box that contained one trade paperback, A Quiet Wanting by Lucinda Barrett. Of course, she hadn't heard of it, did not know the publisher. Turning the pages she came to the dedication...and then, taking a sip of tea, she began reading...She embraced her sadness like a secret lover she met each evening on her solitary drive home...

Just like that, Ruth spent hours reading. She had been not only hooked as a reader, but she was hooked as a bookseller!

Now don't think that this is just about writing and selling...that's just how these two women met, who were immediately in tune with each other and became friends, with Ruth asking Lucinda to come for a book signing, and even offering her a place to briefly stay.

Then a man enters the picture--in fact, several...and romantic issues become the predominant plot. And where there is romance, there's normally problems! Especially when a mother, a husband, and lovers collide!

This one is a keeper for my personal library. It includes characters and a setting that are an important part of life. It is charming! It is a very rare book that I know I would enjoy reading again in the future (I don't do rereads or reruns on TV! LOL). Many of my reading fans will undoubtedly feel the same! Maryann McFadden - You've give us a gem, a winner!


About Me

In April, 2007, my originally self-published novel, The Richest Season, sold at auction to Hyperion Books in a 2 book hardcover deal. A writers blog referred to it as “winning the literary lottery.” I had to laugh. Because it implied that getting published was as simple as buying a ticket and waiting for a number to be drawn.
Hah! If only it were that easy. My ordeal in trying to get my novel taken spanned 6 years in total. The Richest Season was shelved in a closet no less than 3 times, as I became frustrated and gave up on the publishing world again and again. But I kept hearing the same refrain from people who’d read the manuscript in a fat 3 ring binder: Your book is better than anything I’ve read in months. Why isn’t it out there? Read the whole article on her web site...
My advice to aspiring writers with a dream is work hard, persevere, and BELIEVE! 

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