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Linda Ballou Pens Fictional Tale of Important Woman in Hawaii History...

Queen Kaa'humanu, whom the church was named af...
Queen Kaa'humanu, whom the church was named after upon a personal request from her. Her request was made in 1832, and not honored until 1876, 44 years after said request. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)*See entire pic below.

High Chiefess of Hawaii
 Her Epic Journey

By Linda Ballou

Linda Ballou is a haole who asks those who might say she was not qualified to tell this story, "What qualities are required in an individual of one race to express love for another?" I thought this was both interesting and important. Having never been to Hawaii, although I would love to have gone, I found much to admire in the obvious research that Ballou has done to create a streaming flow of the story of Wai-nani that is seamless in reading, even though you can tell it includes in-depth knowledge about the early history of the islands.

Wai-nani is a "reflection" of the early life and personal story of the first Queen of Hawaii. I love to learn about women who, in their own time, were forerunners in initiating change for women, and in particular, in relation to their role in that society.This may be fictional, but the changes that were brought about at that time are true...

We meet Wai-nani when she is a young teen and already a woman who questioned her role...

She thought it nothing to wear her brother's clothes in order to enter a competition that was only open to boys. She also won... Readers will enjoy reading about how this contest went!

But that resulted in her father requiring that another competition be held--to find a suitable husband for his daughter who dressed as a boy...

What did she decide to do? Well, leave! And she sought the help of her friend Eku to travel far away. Eku by the way, was her water friend, a dolphin with whom she was "involved" under the watchful eye of Eku's mate and later son. Consider Eku one of the major characters as he both teaches her about living in the water and saves her...

Wai-Nini had called to Eku to help her seek Pele, Goddess of Fire, "Drifting in the cloud cradle that circles the smoking cone of the volcano above her billowy bed..." She could already feel that Pele would welcome her in shelter. Reaching the island that was Pele's home, she finally crawled naked into a sea cave. In the morning she saw a man walking in the water pulling weeds from his taro plants.

And so it was that Wai-nani met Makaha, who was destined to one day rule over all the islands. But at that time, he was alone, with just one friend, there on what he called his "thinking island." And as they talked, one day Wai-nini went to him and sought togetherness...

This is a beautiful love story, but one not easily lived at that time. Soon Makaha was required to marry the daughter of their Chief and later took many wives, all of which hurt Wai-nani greatly. And only Wai-nini was not able to bear him children. Readers learn how she came to become the mother of the people...and so much more. Truly a wonderfully conceived tale that brings the flavor of surfing, island beauty of Hawaii to us but entwined into the historical lives of the men and women who once lived, together but separately. We also watch as Makaha begins the wars to gain what he truly believed was to be his.

If you are into history, especially of women or terrotories, be sure to check this out. You can tell that, indeed, Linda Ballou shared her love for Hawaii in writing this story. Don't miss this one!


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