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Larry Seeley Does It Again in Second Jack Sloan Novel!

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17 Degrees North:
 Take It To The Limit

By Larry Seeley

The problem when you look forward to a sequel of a series is that readers have to wait until the writer does his thing and gets it into our hands! But as soon as Larry Seeley had again published, I refreshed my memory of his first book, naturally by reading my review (click to check it out!) of Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves! There I confirmed that I had really liked the main character and loved the book.
Seeley has his own style of writing that I have come to appreciate after also enjoying his latest, 17 Degrees North. In his second novel, Jack Sloan is in an entirely different situation than in his first. He is somewhat more settled and he and Darlene are living on a small farm with an interest in a local bar/restaurant.

Everything was going along routinely when Jack was out one day riding and his horse stumbled.

And partially uncovered a large canvas bag that contained money--lots of it. A storm raged--what to do? So he took it with him, even though he already had the feeling he was making a mistake! Who did the bag belong to? How and why did it get way out where he had found it? Jack knew one thing--he didn't want the money and had to figure out what to do with it!

His main hesitation evolved around his past--he had an "encounter" with the FBI some time ago and didn't know whether they were still looking for him!

He was fairly close to one of the local officers, but the police chief and he didn't get along--mainly because the sheriff was a mean druggie, among other things...

So, for now, he would hold on to it, though neither he nor Darlene, once they had counted the money and knew somebody would be coming for it, wanted to be anywhere near what could only bring trouble their way!

But he did finally share with his police friend, Will, and learned that there had been a recent kidnapping and subsequent murder of the victim... The amount of money Jack had discovered matched the ransom, which an insurance company had provided. The whole affair, however, had everybody very confused as to why the victim had been killed after the money had been delivered.

In fact, it looked like the work of an assassin...

And as the investigation continues, Jack is pulled in, unwillingly, to work with an investigator from Juarez, Mexico, and an agent from the FBI. But somehow, the killer had traced the money directly to Jack's home and his employees and friends were shot, one clearly tortured. Jack knew his bringing the money home had caused this...

Now he was out for revenge!

Larry Seeley has done it again! A thriller that keeps the suspense high and the action ongoing! Jack is James Bond type but a more laid-back type of dude that may just look like the author??? Darlene is the perfect cool lady that not only stands behind her man, but gets along side of him when the fighting and shooting starts! Of course, when she sees the body of the bad guy she shot, she immediately regurgitates--but hey, a lady can only do so much! Anyway, these characters alone are worth getting to know, but the rest were also wonderfully created and perfect in the role each were given, including the assassin, who was quite...duplicitous...

Enjoy this one! Highly recommended


About the Author
Born in 1939 and raised in a tiny Ohio town, Larry Seeley is the ex-CEO of the world's largest privately-owned training company and the former CEO of the gaming firm that built the first legal Native casino in Maritime Canada. A U.S. Army veteran, he lives in the high desert north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His four children and eight grandchildren are scattered from California to Minnesota. He and his wife, Katie, watch over a small menagerie of dogs, cats, and chickens. 

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  1. I think I would indeed enjoy this.

  2. I love Jack Sloan. Larry ... keep it up I can't wait for Jack's next adventure!