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J. Carson Black's The Shop Reveals Corruption At Its Worst!

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"Now he knew why they died. All of them: the
Egyptian professor, the Mexican pop star, the
actor and his wife in Montana.
"It was the result of [his] "audacious plan."
"So simple." he'd told Landry, the triptascoline
working just like a truth serum.
"It didn't bother you that they were innocent
people? That you just picked them off a list
and killed them for the hell of it?"
"Not for the hell of it...They were important.
They were a..."
"And Landry had followed orders, blindly.
He's had no idea he was working for private
interests, not for his country. He couldn't
bring Brienne Cross back, but he could
avenge her death..."

The Shop

J. Carson Black

"Where you goin'? she asks...

"Oh, just down to the shop..." he replies...

Yeah, we all know that what this means is that the individual might be going just about anywhere... It's a common cover lie, right? But, this time, when those who actually work for The Shop say it, it could mean that the individuals are meeting up and will probably assassinate one or more...innocents...

Most of the men who worked at The Shop were former special ops support for the government. When they no longer served in the various services, they would hear about "a shadowy organization" that hired them to execute people across the country...
They thought they were still supporting their government...

But when ex-Navy SEAL Cyril Landry and his team were sent to eliminate a pop star and her entourage, he begins to question, especially as he killed Brienne Cross, a young singer whose picture was on the wall of his daughter's room--"His daughter wanted to grow up to be Brienne Cross..."

And as Landry allowed his mind to question "why?", he knew that he could no longer blindly follow instructions. He was going to find out exactly who and why these innocent people were being killed!

Just how many teams like his were operating--how many others were dead?!!?

As Landry's investigation began, another murder took place. A local police chief was found in a motel room. Detective Jolie Burke, from a nearby police office was assigned. And, of course, the first thing Jolie wanted to find was "why" he had been there and murdered!"

Before long, Landry's and Burke's paths collide for an explosive finish!

I enjoy watching how authors market their books, so I'm including an article below from the author and the site she created, "Who Killed Brienne Cross?" I especially love the latter since it takes readers into the story and is bound to increase interest. I have often suggested to authors that they do some type of creative activity based upon their books storyline...This is a perfect example of something I would do--so, of course, I think it will add greatly to the marketing activity!

I truly enjoyed this novel...It is a thriller that is not gender specific...That is, I am positive that both men and women thriller lovers will enjoy it.  Ok, that might sound a little sexist, but it is not intended to be. Everybody knows that I read both men and women authors...and that I enjoy thrillers. By highlighting this, I am merely complimenting the author in creating an action-packed thriller that is not bogged down with character relationships that sometimes pull away from the pace set by the thrill of the investigation. It stands with the best writers out there...

Readers also know that I favor novels that spotlights the misuse of power by government officials and Black has created a character that you will surely love to...despise!

Kudos to J. Carson Black. This is a winner!



As witness to the ongoing changes in publishing, J. Carson Black knew she had to raise her game. She'd always read and studied the best authors in her genre, but to survive, Black knew she must grow. And so she determined to expand beyond her comfort zone and write a big thriller.

A political junkie, J. Carson Black loved the cable TV news circus--the media's mad scramble to find sensational stories. So when a suspected child-killer's plane landed with all the pomp and circumstance of the space shuttle in Boulder, Colorado, Black took note. As it turned out, John Mark Karr did not kill Jon Benet Ramsey; he'd merely played the media and fed their insatiable 24/7 appetite. This was the New American Way: celebrity for its own sake.

That seed grew into into J. Carson Black's thriller THE SHOP.

Using social media, Black has made friends who share her passions and interests. Some of these friends are experts in their fields: homicide detectives, retired military, military analysts, a computer forensic expert, and even a Navy SEAL. Over time, these friends grew to trust Black and gave her entree into their world, and THE SHOP is the better for it.

A Tucson, Arizona native, J. Carson Black is at work on ICON, a thriller set in the New West.

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