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Review: TV Show Becomes Novels - CSI: The Killing Jar! Which is Better?

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The Killing Jar

By Donn Cortez

Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 9781439153703
345 Pages

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Killing Jar
Sure I've been a fan of CSI for years, else I probably wouldn't have noticed that there are now books out about the series! The Killing Jar by Donn Cortez took place during the 9th season; however, I either missed it...or...
There is quite a difference in seeing the TV show versus reading a novel! The main difference is the speed of the TV programs--everything is moving so fast that you never spend too much time on anything other than following the clues to solve the murder(s). But, in the novel, you can read at your own pace, and you can take your time and see if you perhaps can follow or solve the crime yourself! More like a whodunit novel!

But mostly I enjoyed the development of characters, reading their thoughts which of course is impossible on TV, and setting the stage more in the novels. Of course, I easily pictured the characters' faces in my mind, but I got to know them more in just one book than I would have on the screen. Also, seeing the words, you realize that you probably would have missed them if quickly said. For instance, would you know what a "tinkle tweaker" was if you just heard it during a conversation?

Grissom is supposed to be attending an entomological professional conference that happened to be scheduled in his own town; however, when Nick and Riley was at their crime scene and realized how the individual had been killed, Nick knew he had to at least notify Gil! For what looked to be a suicide, using a bag over his head, was actually death--by Millipedes! And the next death resulted in Dr. Robbins being seriously bit by a spider who attacked him when he opened a body for autopsy!

Catherine and Greg were handling another bizarre death when they discovered that their victim had died with his body filled with...wax! Following the "wax" clue got them involved with those making and dealing meth and then into discussions with artists and actors who created bullets made out of wax, proving it by shooting Greg!

Of course Grissom got involved with the investigation and also found that several of his acquaintances from the convention were curious to learn about what was happening, even when everybody knew that they would have to be considered as suspects, since the deaths which occurred had to have been planned by someone with exceptional knowledge of entomology...

All of us know that in CSI, the cases are always solved through the science, but these two were more unusual than some others I've seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the movement from TV into novels. The author has the opportunity to expand far beyond what is shown on TV and, for me, that was the main enjoyment I found in the novel.

How about you, I've always considered CSI top TV entertainment. But having the novels come out after I know all of the characters and practices, I found the novel even more enjoyable reading!

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G. A. Bixler

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