Thursday, May 13, 2010

Delcano Shares Latest Poetry - Morning Thoughts...

Morning often brings thoughts

From life’s yesterday’s show

As the sun rises on the horizon

recalls visions I wish to know.

Days of love and romance

Creates a lovely thought

Children growing up

With mysteries we taught.

Morning brings the melancholy

Years of life going by

Tingles of feelings wearing

An occasional tear in the eye.

So many yesterdays gone

piled on the rock of love’s bed

memories ride on past

like movies playing in my head.

New born babes, adults passed

Friends gone whose memories thrive

And I appreciate knowing

I remain kicking and alive.

Mornings often bring thoughts

Of the life I’ve lived so far.

Being thankful for the memories

Keeping me one of the stars.

Del Cano May 12, 2010

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