Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: Guest Blogger Janet Morris Grimes Shares Thoughts on Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate
4.5 stars.

Hand of Fate, the thrilling second installment in the Triple Threat Series, features three best friends who fight to stay at the top of their high profile careers in the most dangerous and heartbreaking of circumstances. As they wrestle with the unknowns in the murder of Talk Radio Host Jim Fate, they are forced to question the actions of everyone around them, even if it means exposing the hidden secrets of one another. The story opens with not only the on-air murder, but with the city-wide panic and evacuation of the downtown Portland area, caused by the crippling fear of poisonous gas in the air. From that moment, the reader shifts from scene to scene, picking up the pieces of Jim Fate’s past in the midst of the unforgiving world of live television and radio.

A story that shares tidbits of little known information without writing above the head of the reader is a treasure. A part of the action from the start, the reader must sort through the abandoned chaos with each main character, overlooking how the happenings affect them on a personal level. Nicole, Cassidy and Allison are complicated, yet believable; and so is their friendship and struggle to find God in a tough environment.

I now care about these characters, and look forward to their future adventures, but even more than this, their growth and deepening friendship. I highly recommend this book, and trust that the pages will keep you on the edge of your seat until the surprising ending.


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