Monday, May 24, 2010

Gues Poet - Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn - Beautiful, Right?

Sunset Out of My Window

Alone at sunset with Luther singing, “I thought about cha`”
I chase so many thoughts of you, my heart races
Sun redden pillow clouds, and a few stars start to shine through, framing your beauty
You got a halo
Staring out my window, sunset and you, reflect in my future
As God, and you are the sunrise of my life, and a first kiss,
my first taste of life, as my feet hit the ground
I wait for you
Smiles of thoughts of you ring on the hour and on and on
Knowing you will be here later just after the sun has hid
I have dinner ready
I have our humble abode fit for the royalty we are
I see you walk through the door
We slow dance, holding still
Earth Wind & Fire sings, “Be Ever Wonderful”
We share a human glass of intoxicating kisses
No longer alone
We make our own sunset

Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn CR@2009

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