Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: Spotlighted Reviewer Bettie Corbin Tucker Presents Beau!

Beau (Volume 1)


Lorraine Agnew
ISBN: 1450554970
240 Pages

After reading Beau, a book of fiction by Lorraine Agnew, readers will find themselves thinking much more about life after death. Once our time on earth has expired, what can we expect? And what about guardian angels, do they really exist? Many individuals may think back to a time when they sensed an unseen presence near them, or perhaps they heard a voice whispering softly in their ears, offering personal advice and guidance. Sometimes they listened; other times they didn’t. If they didn’t, there may have been consequences to face.

Catherine Amelia Kramer, a young attractive woman, died three times before crossing over to the Realm of Spirit. Once was a suicide attempt, the second involved an automobile accident, and the third time she was taking part in a rescue effort. Beau, her youthful guardian angel had sparking blue eyes and was immersed in a beautiful white light. He wore a long white coat and a western-styled duster, while straddled atop a great white stallion. But this guardian angel, who had been killed in a rodeo accident, took his ego with him when he “crossed over.” He believed that his untimely death wasn’t fair; however, he was Catherine’s personal guardian angel who was supposed to escort her into the Realm of Spirit after she died. But, because of his ego, he had failed two times and Catherine was brought back to life, even though she wasn’t altogether convinced that this is what she wanted. The third time she cheated death, it wasn’t because of Beau. After first seeing her guardian angel, she would sense his presence when she needed comfort. In the middle of the night, she imagined that he was holding her hand. She trusted Beau, but that proved to be a mistake!

Beau was angry that, under his guardianship, he had lost Catherine twice. From that time on, he began acting like a jealous lover and resorted to doing evil things, hoping to make her so despondent that she would take her own life. His wicked behavior resulted in an enforcement angel being assigned to investigate his actions.

Readers will be introduced, not only to many angels, but also to earthly characters who influence Catherine’s life. Among them are three men whom she loved, her immediate family, close friends—and even a medium. The medium plays an important part in this fast-paced, unfolding drama.

When Beau seeks help from the angry spirit of Adolph Hitler, there are unpredictable and dramatic twists that will keep readers turning the pages with anticipation. Allow the author’s words to take you from the Realm of Matter to the Realm of Spirit and on into the Realm of Light; however, don’t expect to stay long when you visit the dark space.

This book is extremely well-written, the characters are convincing, and the plot is intriguing. I highly recommend Beau as a “must read.”

Bettie Corbin Tucker
For Independent Professional Reviewers

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