Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tea Time

I'm taking a little break and checking email, fixing a cup of tea...
Your Exceptional Mind is the book I'm now reading for a review. It is intense and has me stopping to see how the book can be applied, once realizing that it matches with some of the fears and concerns I have experienced.
I find I need to break away quite often to allow the words to sink in.
That is a major difference in non-fiction versus fiction, isn't it?
Fiction allows you to escape into somebody else's dreams or imagination...
Non-fiction sometimes forces you to face your own reality much too clearly!

My fun book is Stone Cold by David Baldacci and it certainly allows me to escape!  It  is one of his better ones and is a followup to Camel Club!
I find I need both to keep my reading happy times...How about you?
Facing yourself too much and too often is sometimes tedious! LOL!

So what are you reading?

Have a good day and God Bless!


  1. What am I reading? Whew - that's a good question.

    Primarily I'm reading 'Spandau Phoenix' by Greg Iles.

    By the computer I have 'I sing the Body Electric' by Bradbury.

    I have 'The Dante Club' around here somewhere, a few chapters in.

    By my bed is 'Lincoln Lawyer' by Connelly, which I'm 1/5th through.

    'Death of the Messiah' (non-fiction) by Raymond Brown is in the dining room.

    60,000 words of a novel I wrote are sitting on my desk at work, having been mistakenly left behind when I left for home.

    In the basement bathroom I have a Rex Stout, title forgotten, involving a murder over a prized steer.

    Basically I'm all across the board and getting very little completed ;)

  2. Hmmm...when I start so many books...I usually wind up not finishing them...

    Lincoln Lawyer, and most of Connelly's books I enjoy... Haven't read any of the others...let me know if you ever finish them and would

    60,000 word novel???